For a limited time, one of Japan’s most popular snacks will be available in special Japanese flavors and featuring Tokyo landmarks etched in chocolate!

That’s right, Japanese snack manufacturer Bourbon has a special treat for those of us who love chocolate and cookies (is there anyone who doesn’t’?). They’ve set up a special pop-up shop exclusively featuring their popular Alfort snack, and right within Tokyo Station, no less! For those of you not familiar with Alfort cookies, they’re tasty biscuits topped with a thick layer of even tastier chocolate, and they’re a long-standing favorite with Japanese consumers, available at practically any supermarket or convenience store in Japan.

And the best part about the limited-time-only shop, which they’ve dubbed “Tokyo Alfort by Alfort“, is that the store will offer the treat in unique sakura and matcha flavors that you won’t find elsewhere.

▼ Here’s what the shop, located in the Tokyo Station First Avenue (Tokyo Eki Ichiban-gai) area, looks like.

The Alfort cookies available at the pop-up store come in a special design, with well-known Tokyo landmarks reliefed into the chocolate, making them perfect for souvenirs. Let’s see what they look like!

● Tokyo Alfort Sakura (900 yen [US$8] for a box of 12)

The Alforts with sakura-flavored chocolate come in three designs, showcasing the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Station and the Tokyo Skytree. The 900-yen box contains four pieces each of the three designs.

▼ Here’s the Rainbow Bridge design.

▼ And here’s a picture of the actual Rainbow Bridge for comparison:

▼ The Tokyo Station design features its iconic Marunouchi Building facade.

▼ The actual building is classically beautiful.

▼ The third design features one of Tokyo’s more recent landmarks, the Tokyo Skytree.

▼ This is the actual Tokyo Skytree, which officially opened in 2012.

Next we have the other flavor the Tokyo Alfort comes in: Tokyo Alfort Matcha (also 900 yen for a box of 12, with four pieces each of the three Tokyo designs).

▼ Here’s what the Rainbow Bridge looks like in a green, matcha-flavored chocolate.

▼ The matcha-version Tokyo Station design …

▼ … and the Tokyo Skytree design:

▼ The Alfort cookies come individually wrapped inside the box, so the presentation is attractive as well.

And if you can’t decide between the sakura and matcha flavor, don’t worry. They also have a mixed assorted can containing 3 pieces each of the three designs in both flavors, priced at 1,500 yen for the 18 pieces.

▼ Here’s the packaging the Tokyo Alfort cookies come in, with the sakura and matcha boxes shown above and the assorted can below.

We have to say, the cookies and packaging certainly look attractive enough. If you’re interested in the limited edition treats, you can find them at the Tokyo Alfort by Alfort shop at Tokyo Station until January 8, 2019, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Shop information
Tokyo Alfort by Alfort
Location: Tokyo Station Ichibangai B1 Floor Tokyo Okashi Land Event Space
Open: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
Until January 8, 2019

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