With hundreds of banners and posters already set up, everyone’s pitching in to help with the biggest anime convention in the world.

Summer Comiket is coming, promising a wealth of unique anime and manga goods found nowhere else. Visitors from all over will flock to Tokyo Big Sight, hoping to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest anime convention.

And as 10 August approaches, even the nearby train station begins taking on an anime hue. Numerous posters and banners featuring the latest anime transform the otherwise dull interior into a trippy anime tunnel.

▼ Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon Station may be empty for now,
but it’ll be teeming with attendees soon.


▼ All available space is taken up by large poster arrays
of cool characters and new anime series.

▼ Look around and you’re bound to find something awesome.

▼ Ads along the escalator make it feel like a stairway to otaku heaven.

Attendees will likely come across hotly anticipated anime series and favorite characters, making the station a perfect spot to take some photos and check out upcoming titles.

▼ New stuff for Yu Yu Hakusho, Code Geass and Sword Art Online!?

Such is the scale of Summer Comiket, where even the surrounding buildings and facilities prepare to receive hundreds and thousands of attendees. A nearby Lawson convenience store is also gearing up for the grand event, stocking up on survival goods that’ll help visitors cope with the unbearable heat.

▼ Filled to the brim on shelves are all manner of
sports drinks, energy drinks and salt tablets.

It appears the Summer Comiket experience begins the moment we step out of the train and into the station, promising an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and wear appropriate clothing though, as this summer’s Comiket will be one of the hottest in recent years.

Source: Twitter/@YB5589, Twitter/@kerberos0011, Twitter/@sakura39samurai via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@sakura39samurai