Soaring temperatures couldn’t stop these amazing cosplayers from shining brighter than the sizzling sun at this year’s premier otaku gathering.

Japan is roasting is some of the most intense heat ever recorded this summer, but even if the temperature is high enough to partially melt anime figures, it still can’t damage the enthusiasm of the otaku community. Last weekend the 94th iteration of Comiket, Japan’s largest independently produced dojinshi manga event, took place at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center, and once again cosplayers were out in full force.

Comiket officially opens at 10 a.m., and we showed up at 10:30 on opening day, having timed our arrival as to miss the most violent moments of the customary otaku stampede at the nearby Kokusai Tenjijo Station. But even at this hour of the morning, the costumed play had already started, and we made our way to the outdoor cosplay area.

One of the hottest otaku properties right now is Fate/Grand Order, thanks to the mobile game feeding users a steady supply of fan service (including explicit recognition of the importance of bustiness). It was no surprise that there were plenty of FGO cosplayers at the event, and this particular crowd of cameras was focused on the game’s Mordred.

▼ More Fate cosplay in the form of Red Saber

As we mentioned, the coplay area is outside the convention center. Considering how revealing many anime costumes are, we’re hoping everyone’s makeup routines also included a generous lathering of sunscreen.

▼ The concept of maid bikini tops continues to captivate Comiket attendees.

Not every cosplayer was going for scantily clad sexiness, however. Some instead braved the heat in expansive outfits with an abundance of coverage and style.

Perhaps the biggest development in otaku media over the last few years has been the virtual YouTuber boom, which was kicked off by the unprecedented success of Kizuna Ai, who was represented by multiple cosplayers.

Also serving as inspiration for multiple cosplayers were the Kantai Collection/Kancolloe

…and Re:Zero franchises.

At any anime/manga event, look hard enough and you’ll find one or two cosplayers who have picked their costumes specifically to strike at the nostalgia sensors of older fans, like this lovingly crafted cosplay of Macross’ Minmei.

And while the majority of both he attendees and cosplayers at Comiket are Japanese, the event has been steadily becoming more internationalized.

So if you’re thinking of cosplaying at the next Comiket, go for it, regardless ow whether the trip to Big Sight is a domestic or overseas one for you. And to everyone who did cosplay this year, a big otsukare!

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