The second day of Summer Comiket proved to be even hotter than day one.

Just the other day, we brought you all the best cosplayers from the first day of Summer Comiket 2019, and just when we thought things couldn’t get any hotter, temperatures rose to the high 30s (high 90s in Farenheit) on day two of the event.

The scorching heat led us to believe that there wouldn’t be a lot of cosplayers attending the second day of Comiket, but event organisers informed us that the number of registered cosplayers on day two came to a total of 1,564 men and 3,274 women.

That’s a lot of dedicated cosplayers, and sure enough when we arrived, we saw a large number of them out there braving the heat, with many posing for photographers and attendees out on the rooftop area underneath the blazing sun. It was so hot, in fact, that many of them had to take regular breaks by occasionally leaving their allotted space and escaping to shaded areas to protect themselves from heatstroke, which can be a serious problem in Japan.

We were amazed by their tenacity, and their outfits, and we’d like to thank each and every one of them for sticking it out and happily posing for our cameras in spite of the heat. So without further ado, here is our photo homage to some of the best cosplayers from day two of Summer Comiket 2019!

▼ Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter) from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @miyaviiiii_kt

▼ Jeanne d’Arc (Ver.Type-Moon Racing) from Fate/Apocrypha | Cosplayer: @56955planet

▼ Jeanne d’Arc (Ver.Type-Moon Racing) from Fate/Apocrypha | Cosplayer: @monakam812

▼ Yuna from Final Fantasy X | Cosplayer: @menhamu_cos

▼ Nakano Yotsuba from The Quintessential Quintuplets | Cosplayer: @0imopotato

▼ Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown | Cosplayer: @kuroro503

▼ Maya from Kancolle | Cosplayer: @seitenhekirk_02

▼ Sukasaha from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @ysn4zzz

▼ Kobato Hasegawa from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai | Cosplayer: @rinyanpassan

▼ Tomoe Gozen from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @_nemui_ooO_

▼ Helena Blavatsky from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @_yukiusagi_

▼ Yumemi Riamu from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls | Cosplayer: @muffet1010

▼ Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion | Cosplayer: @rino_410

▼ Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War | Cosplayer: @mmm_yu_ki

▼ Bulma from Dragon Ball | Cosplayer: @lth1212

So there you have it, the fantastic cosplayers from day two of Summer Comiket 2019! Once again, we’ve included a link to each cosplayer’s Twitter account, so If you like their work, feel free to give them a follow and check out more of their photos online.

And don’t forget to take a look back at some of the cosplayers from previous years of Comiket. The biannual indie manga, anime, game, and cosplay convention just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Photos: ©SoraNews24 
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