New Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan comes filled with sweet potato fries 【Taste Test】

The Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino and Macchiato are exclusive to Japan this autumn. 

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We score an exclusive interview with viral Twitter star Otodo-chan, Kochi Aquarium’s scary mascot

Otodo-chan has been racking up likes and re-tweets for her impassioned PR pleas, seal-ing her fate as one of Japan’s top mascots!
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We head out to Kyoto to eat a delicious crepe crammed with fermented soybeans, rice【Taste Test】

Why hadn’t we thought to stick natto and rice into warm fluffy crepe layers before now?!
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Anime’s rudest little boy, Crayon Shin-chan, helps pledge support for hardworking moms

Kasukabe station’s anime ad campaign is hitting close to home for many Japanese mothers.

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Japanese samurai sword ice cream crafted by master swordsmith from famous katana town of Seki

This mythical sword with non-melting abilities will kill your thirst and replenish your spirit

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We visit Tokyo Tapioca Land in Harajuku

Boba fantasy land or boba fail? We find out if this bubble tea pop-up is really as bad as its reviews. 

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Seoul Cafe’s mint chocolate shaved ice is unlike any other shaved ice around【Photos】

This innovative dessert has all the cooling power of a regular shaved ice, but with a funky mint chocolate twist and a presentation upgrade.

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Japanese restaurant serves meals to diners via a moving steam locomotive train

All aboard the tonkatsu train! 

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Real-life Rurouni Kenshin reverse-blade katana, forged by master swordsmith, now on display【Pics】

The sakabato, one of the most famous swords of the anime/manga world, is now part of the real world.

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Japanese park encourages kids to play with saws, light bonfires for learning experiences

”You might get hurt” sign at entrance to Tokyo play spot tells children.

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How’s the fidelity of modern earphones when shoved up your nose?

Is one orifice still just as good as another? We find out!

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We try to eat almost 9 pounds of food at a Nagoya spaghetti shop, succumb to the power of carbs

How much rice and pasta is too much rice and pasta?

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Olympic medals and torch display held in Tokyo for a very limited time

Mr. Sato gets closer to Olympic gold than he ever dreamed possible.

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We ask for an “omakase” selection from Starbucks’ Tokyo bakery Princi, with surprising results

This bakery is so classy!

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Pikachu himself visits SoraNews24’s Tokyo office for the best workday EVER【Photos】

A surprise visit, and challenge, from the world-famous Pokémon mascot.

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Kyoto’s awesome fire ramen: A one-of-a-kind dining experience our reporter Mai just tried【Video】

Bring your appetite and courage to Menbaka Ichidai.

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Capsule hotel offers stays for $12 a night, extra perks make it one of the best deals in Tokyo

Looking for a cheap place to stay in Tokyo? This guest house will tick all your boxes.

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Beautiful Kyoto Hard Rock Cafe, and we stopped by to try its exclusive signature burger【Photos】

And check out the cool Kyoto-themed merch, of course.

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This extra-fancy new Tokyo Yoshinoya is now one of our favorite Tokyo cafes to chill at【Photos】

Yes, you can get beef bowls, but there’re also desserts, unlimited coffee refills, and everything mobile workers and students need.

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This hotel has one of the coolest katana collections in Japan, and admission is totally free【Pics】

Centuries of samurai history are on display, and we’ll teach you what to look for in appreciating the beauty of a Japanese sword.

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