Strut your stuff and showcase Ponyo’s cute little sisters and the iconic Catbus.

Aside from producing some of the most famous anime films of all time, Studio Ghibli is also great at coming up with a range of fashionable outfits. Their Totoro sweaters last year, for instance, proved to be a huge hit among fans with its high quality and simple design.

Its newest lineup of baseball jackets features some of the classic characters we’ve all come to know and love: the furry twelve-legged Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, and Ponyo and her trail of little sisters.

▼ The release commemorates the 30th anniversary of My Neighbor Totoro

▼ …and the 10th anniversary of Ponyo.

The velveteen college jackets are thick yet soft, better suited to chilly autumn or winter temperatures while maintaining a sense of style. Made from 100 percent polyester, the luxurious feel is a great combination of fashion and playful sophistication.

We particularly love the theme colors on both of them, showcasing the Catbus racing through the darkest of nights, and the deep azure sea in the world of Ponyo.

▼ Sleeves of the Catbus jacket are decorated with
creatures found in the anime’s opening.

▼ Which is a nice touch of detail that any fan would love.

▼ A tiny Totoro can be seen riding on the Catbus.

▼ It looks great on both men and women…

▼ …making it the perfect outdoor wear when hiking through forests.

▼ Ponyo’s sisters swim down the sleeves of this cute jacket.

▼ How many Ponyos can you find?

▼ The jacket’s rear depicts a cheerful Ponyo
running on water to meet protagonist Sosuke.

▼ It’s like wearing the ocean!

▼ The ideal wear for a day out at the beach.

Both souvenir jackets cost 29,800 yen (US$270) each and are expected to be available online here from 23 August.

Studio Ghibli fans who missed the previous limited-edition jackets should definitely check these out, as there’s no telling how long they’ll remain available. There’s only a few days left till their release, so be ready to grab these rare collector’s items before they’re all snapped up.

Source: GBL via Japaaan Magazine
Images: GBL