Out of all the things we wish would spring to life from Studio Ghibli’s animated films, the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro would have to be at the top of the list. Who wouldn’t want to ride an enormous, fluffy, bright orange cat over hills and through forests on their daily commute?

As with all great things, if it can’t exist in real life, it can at least exist in the imagination. And there’s one imaginative lad who’s found a way to bring the catbus to life in the cutest way possible. All it takes is two ingredients: a fluffy, compliant cat and some Finnish beer.

Et voila! Meet the catbus. It might not be the most sophisticated cat cosplay but it’s absolutely stunning in its simplicity. From kitty’s big, bright yellow eyes to the tufts of fur on the sides giving the illusion of the multi-footed catbus, Japanese netizens are loving how much this looks like the real thing.

▼ The catbus flies over hills and amuses guests in Finland.

If you’re a cosplay-loving cat owner, this is an outfit you may want to keep in your repertoire for the future. The only thing is, you’ll have to source a 12-pack of Olvi beer from Finland, as it’s the only beer that fuels this mode of transport.

Source: LabaQ
Images: Olvi, Meme Center (edited by RocketNews24)