Who better to keep your phone fully charged than the electric Pokémon Pikachu?

Pikachu may not be everyone’s favorite Pokémon, but even the most stoic of fans can’t deny the cute little yellow creature’s appeal. That’s why thousands of fans of all ages flock to Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area every August to see dozens of Pikachus marching through the streets.

Sadly, we can’t have a real live Pikachu march around town with us every day, but don’t worry, we can at least keep the squirrel Pokémon with us in the form of adorable accessories. We can even make use of its electric powers with a new USB AC adapter modeled off of Pikachu’s cute yellow behind!

The portions of the design are almost perfect; the butt is properly plump, and its little feet hang down while his jagged yellow tail sticks up. The plug fits into the outlet in such a way that it looks like a Pikachu that dived into a hole and got stuck. You can almost imagine it trying to wiggle free!

▼ It’s a good design choice that the USB cord plugs into Pikachu’s stomach and not into its butt, too….

Plus, the Pikachu USB AC Adapter is small and compact, and fits easily in the palm of your hand, so you can fit it into a bag or pocket and take it with you anywhere.

The plug arms also fold down for extra compactness, which makes it even easier to store. It definitely makes for a convenient and cute way to charge your electronic devices!

Although it only has a single USB 2.0 port, this adapter is compatible with voltages between 110 and 240, so as long as you can get your hands on one, you can use it anywhere in the world. If Pikachu wouldn’t be your choice, though, don’t despair! This AC Adapter’s official product name is actually “Pokémon USB AC Charger Butt Series (Pikachu)”, so we can probably assume there will be more Pokémon butt adapters coming our way in the future!

For now, you can buy the Pikachu one at cellphone accessory seller Hamee’s online shop for 2,300 yen (US$20.84). But if you would rather have a whole Pikachu (rather than just its butt), you might like the new HelloPika talking Pikachu robot, which just went on sale this month. That way you really can have an interactive Pikachu companion!

Source: Hamee via livedoor NEWS via My Game News Flash
Images: Hamee