Honestly, is there anyone you’d rather have a conversation with than Pikachu?

Every year in August, a pack of Pikachus gathers in Yokohama for the annual Pikachu Outbreak. But at just about the same time as the event’s 2018 iteration, Pikachus will also be appearing in homes across Japan…and in addition to appearing, they’ll be talking.

Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy is usually in the business of making playthings for young kids, but the Pokémon franchise’s adult fanbase is sure to opening its wallets for the release of HelloPika, a talking Pikachu robot that looks like the perfect technological companion.

Pikachu responds to your voice, with his various cries of “Pika!” covering the surprising range of emotion the character is known for. Sometimes he’s cute, sometimes he’s sleepy, and sometimes he sings. He might even be feeling cranky, but he generally looks to be in a cheerful mood in the preview videos.

The beloved Pocket Monster can nod or shake his head to answer questions, and his rosy cheeks also light up. Being a skillfully polite conversationalist who understands the value of eye contact, Pikachu will also turn his head towards you when speaking.

Takara Tomy hasn’t specified the exact size of the HelloPika, but lists its packaging as being 13 centimeters (5.1 inches) tall. From that, we can judge that Pikachu himself is compact enough to clip to a pocket or bag, should you want to take your Poké-pal with you as you move around the house or step out into the outside world.

HelloPika officially goes on sale August 4, priced at 3,229 yen (US$29.50), and can already be ordered online here directly from Takara Tomy.

Source: Takara Tomy via IT Media
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Top image: Takara Tomy
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