And it doesn’t get any better when he’s looking at you.

Given the sizable crossover between fans of anime, video games, and gadgets, it’s not surprising that the Pokémon Company recently announced a new pair of mobile batteries inspired by the hit franchise. But if you’d rather charge up your devices by plugging them directly into the wall, there’s a way to do that too while still presenting your Pocket Monster pride.

Onlin retailer DH Gate is currently offering something it calls the “Pokémon Pikachu Portable USB phone charger with 1m usb charge cable.” It’s a USB wall socket adapter bundled with a USB cord, and the adapter itself is shaped like Pikachu!

Pikachu’s proportions might look a little off, and that, along with the lack of the Pokémon logo or any announcement regarding this product from the Pokémon Company, suggests that it’s a knock-off (no manufacturer is listed, but the promotional images are filled with Chinese text, and DH Gate says the item ships from China). Still, officially licensed or not, there’re some clever design elements, like the way that Pikachu’s ears slip off to reveal the two prongs you plug into the socket.

Another nice touch is how the cord itself has multiple attachments to help it connect to different devices.

But if Pikachu’s ears connect to the wall socket, where does the USB cable plug into Pikachu? Brace yourself, because he designers came up with a startling solution.

Yep, you just cram the USB cable into Pikachu where the sun don’t shine. The visual effect is pretty disturbing, even with the example photo being accompanied by a soft-line illustration of Pikachu sticking his ears into the socket.

▼ Pikachu seems to find it too awkward to maintain eye contact with Doraemon after the ordeal.

If the image of a USB cable working its way into Pikachu’s butt hole is too traumatizing, we suppose you could flip the adapter around so that he’s facing up, in which case the cord looks more like a freakishly long power-providing penis.

▼ We’re not sure where that alabaster-skinned magician is from, but she sure looks shocked by Pikachu’s electric manhood.

If this is just the sort of knockoff Pokémon merchandise you’ve been looking for, you can order the item here from DH Gate, where it’s priced at US$25.72. There are discounts for ordering in bulk, however, which can bring the cost down to as little as US$22.62 per unit. You have to order at least 398 adaptors to get that deal, though, so you’ll want to start looking for group-buy partners now if you want the maximum savings. Oh, and you’ll probably also want to double-check if the wall sockets in your country match the ones shown in this photo, lest you get stuck with an adapter you can’t use, in which case you’ll have stuck the cord up Pikachu’s butt for nothing.

Sources: DH Gate via Hachima Kiko, Byokan Sunday
Images: DH Gate