Always dropping your phone? Then maybe you need these!

If you’re a little clumsy and are constantly dropping your phone (like me), then you probably need more than just a sturdy case and a protective screen cover to keep it from getting cracked. What you need is something to keep you from dropping it, but don’t worry, Pikachu and Ditto are here to help!

Novelty goods shop Hamee, the makers of the Pikachu Butt USB chargers (and other delightful smartphone accessories), is now selling Pikachu and Ditto Silicone Ring Straps to help you keep your phone and other valuables safe. These silicone rings, which are colored and designed to look like two of the Pokémon franchise’s most iconic creatures, are soft, flexible, and comfortable, and fit nicely over your finger without chafing. They’re also extremely light; at just 3 grams (0.1 ounces), they won’t damage or scratch the screen of your phone by accident.

Simply affix the ring straps to your phone, wallet, card case, digital camera, keychain, or whatever item you want, and slip the ring over your finger to keep your valuable items from falling out of your hands and getting lost or broken.

Don’t have a case with a strap holder? You can get one from Hamee, too. These straps fit perfectly on their iFace First Class iPhone 11 phone cases, which have lots of nice designs, including five colorful Pokémon varieties. (Sold separately, of course, for 3,800 yen/US$36.42 each.)

You can buy the ring straps for 900 yen each on Hamee’s online shop, but sadly the Ditto one seems to be sold out already. The Pikachu one is still available, though, so order yours before it’s too late!

Source, image: PR Times
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