But there’s also some sad news about this three-faced beauty that’s stolen Super Mario fans’ hearts.

People around the world have fallen in love with Bowsette, the fan-created sexy princess version of Super Mario villain Bowser. Born from a spark of inspiration regarding the supposed mechanics of the video game franchise’s Super Crown power-up, some of Bowsette’s most ardent admirers have even started a petition imploring Nintendo to canonize her as an official member of the series’ cast.

Major publishers aren’t really in the business of co-opting fan-created works, however, and Nintendo actually already had its own version of “Lady Bowser” before Bowsette appeared on the scene, so we’re unlikely to see Bowsette in any future Mario games. She’s equally unlikely to join the lineup of Amiibos, Nintendo’s official game-enhancing statuettes, but that doesn’t mean the world is devoid of high-quality Bowsette figures.

Japanese Twitter user @0508bk201 dabbles in figure-making, and his latest muse is Bowsete, or Princess Koopa as she’s more commonly called in Japan. Despite his amateur status, the Bowsette figure appears to be as high-quality a piece as any officially licensed product you’d find for sale on a video game publisher’s online store.

While fans have come to a general consensus that Bowsette favors low-cut black dresses and has voluptuous proportions, she’s been drawn with facial expressions all across the scale from monstrous marauder to demure princess, and so @0508bk201 has also drawn three different face plates for the figure, one smirkingly aggressive, one blushingly tsundere, and one meltingly aroused.

Just like Bowsette herself was partially created by combining preexisting bits of Mario lore, @0508bk201 didn’t build his Bowsette figure entirely from scratch. He started with a Megami Device figure from manufacturer Kotobukiya, then custom-built the costume, hair, and accouterments such as Bowsette’s horns, tail, shell, and, of course, the all-important Super Crown.

▼ Work in progress (left) vs. finished figure (right)

But even with all the work that obviously went into the project, @0508bk201 says he managed to finish it in about six days. That’s astoundingly quick, and might have you wondering if he’s willing to take commissions from fans who’re patient enough to wait a week or two for their Bowsette figures.

Unfortunately, mixed in amongst @0508bk201’s eye-pleasing photos of his Bowsette is something fans didn’t want to see.

As shown in the image above, @0508bk201 has no intention of making copies of the figure for sale, either out of respect to the fan artist who created the original Bowsette illustration, fear of Nintendo’s always-active lawyers, or simply because he wants to keep making figures his hobby, and not his job. We can still hold out hope that his Bowsette figure will be on display at this month’s Bowsette-only fan event in Kawasaki, though.

And while you might be feeling sad about not being able to purchase this Bowsette and have her sitting on your shelf at home, we can at least look forward to more awesome figures from @0508bk201, since he says he’s already working on his next project…

…a figure of Booette/Princess Teressa, the ghostly extension of the Bowsette trend.

Source: Twitter/@0508bk201 via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@0508bk201