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In January, video game giant Nintendo, which usually sleeps atop a well-padded mattress stuffed with the customer goodwill it’s earned over three decades of providing quality titles, sadly announced it would be discontinuing its Club Nintendo loyalty program. With only months to go before Club Nintendo points (also called “coins” or “stars” depending on the region) become worthless, gamers have been scouring the catalog to see what prizes they want to redeem theirs for.

To help loosen their virtual purse strings, Nintendo has just announced a huge new batch of rewards, including some very stylish T-shirts and pouches based on its legendary library of games.

Starting off with the threads, this 550-point Club Nintendo shirt is a great way to remember the soon-to-be-defunct program by. While at first glance it looks like a slightly stylized drawing of Mario’s cap, closer inspection reveals that it’s actually made up of the silhouettes of other famous Nintendo characters.

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On the other hand, if you’ve got a three characters per shirt limit, The Legend Of Zelda’s central trio, in Triforce formation, will do the job for 550 points.

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For the same price, you could prove to all those young whippersnappers that you’ve been around since the 16-bit era with this Super Famicom controller shirt. And if even that’s too modern for you, there’s also a Game and Watch option (once again, both priced at 550 points, like all Club Nintendo adult-sized T-shirts).

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Perhaps weirdest of all is this extreme close-up of Mario adversary Blooper, or Gesso as he’s known in Japan. The kids’ size shirt features a quartet of the squid monsters for 350 points, and if you don’t want your little boy or girl looking like your little cephalopod, the Animal Crossing tee is a more conventionally cute alternative.

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Since none of the shirts have pockets, if you’re looking to carry your belongings in Nintendo-style, 250 points will get you one of these classy drawstring pouches, decorated with characters from either Super Mario Bros. or Animal Crossing.

▼ Man, that Gesso really gets around these days.

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If you’re looking for a more protective container, there’s this 150-point case that holds 18 3DS games, and comes with three alternate cover sheets with characters from the Zelda and Mario franchises.

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Speaking of the 3DS, Club Nintendo is offering four new 3DS themes. The Club Nintendo theme is the cheapest at 10 points, while shelling out 20 will get you either the “You can do it Toad,” Nintendo Hanafuda traditional Japanese playing cards, or Historic Nintendo Hardware themes.

▼ Gutsy move, Nintendo, going out of your way to remind people that you made the Virtual Boy.

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While they’re not hanafuda, there’s also a 60-card memory matching game for 250 points. Unfortunately, unlike the one in Super Mario Bors. 3, winning at it won’t grant you an extra life.

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More old-school entertainment comes in the form of this 300-piece Majora’s Mask jigsaw puzzle, which can be yours for the low, low rate of just 0.83 points per piece (i.e. 250 points for the set).

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If you’re strictly interested in electronic games, though, Club Nintendo is ready to make your Mario Kart sessions a little more colorful with these wheel-shaped controller holders in the image colors of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, which are 600 points each.

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And finally, if you want to keep the Mario Kart fun going but have someplace you actually need to drive to, the two-disc Mario Kart 8 soundtrack makes a great choice to listen to in the car.

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All these items are available here through Club Nintendo’s Japanese website. With the service scheduled to end on September 30, though let Mario Kart serve as your guide in picking out a reward: faster is better.

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