What’s one more year of waiting for fans after 17 years?

Longtime fans of Fruits Basket can finally release a collective scream of excitement as it was announced today that the shojo classic will finally receive a full anime adaptation to begin airing on TV Tokyo next year. 

The critically acclaimed manga by Natsuki Takaya, winner of the prestigious 2001 Kodansha Manga Award, follows the story of orphaned high school student Tohru Honda as she begins living with members of the mysterious Sohma family who are cursed by the spirits of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals (plus a Cat spirit). It was originally serialized in Hana to Yume magazine from 1998 to 2006 and subsequently collected into 23 regular volumes and later 12 collector’s edition volumes. A spin-off sequel manga titled Fruits Basket Another began an online run in 2015 and is still ongoing.

The first 26-episode anime adaptation of Fruits Basket was released in 2001 in Japanese and from 2002-2003 in English. Since the series was being produced during the manga’s run, it only covered material from the first eight or so volumes of the manga. The anime also never introduced the full cast of characters such as the Horse or Rooster, resulting in key plot differences in its conclusion.

▼ Main characters Shigure Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda, and Kyo Sohma

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The beloved masterpiece returns! The full Fruits Basket story is soon to be animated! Manga author Natsuki Takaya will be the executive supervisor of the project: an all-new series with an all-new cast and staff! Broadcast begins in 2019 on TV TOKYO and other stations. ついに「フルーツバスケット」全編アニメ化決定! 原作の高屋奈月先生が総監修! 完全新キャスト&新スタッフによる新シリーズ! 2019年テレビ東京ほかにて放送開始! ティザービジュアル公開、キャスト一部発表!3月にイベント決定! アニメ化にあたり原作の高屋奈月先生からコメントが到着しました。 『まず初めに。発表の日をこうして迎えられたこと、心からおめでとうございます。……(※公式サイトコメントより一部抜粋)』 ぜひ全文をご覧ください! 全文は公式サイトから⇒‭https://fruba.jp/‬ 完全新キャスト&新スタッフによる新シリーズ「フルーツバスケット」 新キャスト&新スタッフも一部解禁しました! 【CAST】 本田 透役:石見舞菜香 草摩由希役:島﨑信長 草摩 夾役:内田雄馬 草摩紫呉役:中村悠一 . 【STAFF】 原作・総監修:高屋奈月「フルーツバスケット」(白泉社・花とゆめCOMICS) 監督:井端義秀 シリーズ構成:岸本 卓 キャラクターデザイン:進藤 優 アニメーション制作:トムス・エンタテインメント 透&由希&夾&紫呉のティザービジュアルを公開! 本日公開した公式サイトTOPページのビジュアルには、仕掛けがございますので見てみてください! さらにアニメ化決定記念イベント開催決定! 2019年3月16日(土)幕張国際研修センターにて開催。 出演は本田 透役:石見舞菜香、草摩由希役:島﨑信長、草摩 夾役:内田雄馬ほか。 チケット公式HP1次先行:11月20日(火)18:00~12月2日(日)23:59まで。 #フルーツバスケット #フルバ #FRUITSBASKET #NATSUKITAKAYA #テレビ東京 #本田透 #石見舞菜香 #草摩由希 #島﨑信長 #草摩夾 #内田雄馬 #草摩紫呉 #中村悠一

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Details about the new anime production are still sparse, including when exactly next year the series is set to air, but we do have a few clues about some important names. Fans of the original 2001 anime may be a bit saddened to learn that the new adaptation will feature an all-new voice cast and staff. However, this time original manga author Natsuki Takaya will supervise the production alongside director Yoshihide Ibata (unit director and episode director in Attack on Titan, FLCL: Progressive), screenwriter Taku Kishimoto (Haikyu!!, Silver Spoon), character designer Masaru Shindo, and animation will be handled by TMS Entertainment (Lupin III, Detective Conan).

In terms of the cast, the role of protagonist Tohru goes to relative newcomer Manaka Iwami (Urahara, Gamers!), Yuki Sohma to Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free!, Your Name), Kyo Sohma to Yuma Uchida (Tokyo Ghoul:re, Yowamushi Pedal), and Shigure Sohma to Yuichi Nakamura (Clannad, Mobile Suit Gundam 00).

▼ From left to right, clockwise: voice actors Iwami, Shimazaki, Nakamura, and Uchida

In addition, two special talk show events featuring the new voice cast will be held on March 16, 2019 (3 p.m. and 7 p.m.) at the Makuhari International Training Center in Chiba to commemorate the new series. Tickets are 6,800 yen (US$60) each and can be requested via a lottery-style drawing from now until December 2 at 11:59 p.m. using the link at this website.

If the new anime series is indeed faithful to the original manga, fans should notice a much darker overall tone to the story and a few unexpected twists to certain characters. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming adaptation on its official website or Twitter account, but for now bask in the realization that your hopes and prayers have finally been answered!

Source, top image: Fruits Basket Official Website