Celebrate the continuation of the anime like royalty! 

If you grew up reading shojo manga, then there’s a good chance that you were a fan of the manga and anime series Fruits Basket. The sweet, touching reverse-harem story had–and still has–a strong hold on many of our hearts, and when the anime had a lackluster ending 18 years ago, we were all disappointed. Luckily the anime is currently being remade with the complete source-material story, and the second season of that anime is currently in full swing, so those of us who were dissatisfied can have a new way to fill that void!

If you can’t get enough Fruits Basket, Princess Cafes, which is always doing collaborations with popular anime, will be having a special Fruits Basket collaboration, offering a exclusive menu inspired by the anime and selling limited-edition goods starting as soon as August 1, depending on the cafe. The menu features the three main characters, as well as Tohru’s friends and the rest of the Soma family. Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo each get their own dishes: omelet rice (1,100 yen [US$10.50]), pasta (1,100 yen), and a karaage fried chicken set meal (1,000 yen), respectively.

Other members of the Soma family are also represented on the menu. For example, Ritsu Soma, who’s cursed to be the monkey of the Zodiac, is featured in a takoyaki plate (850 yen), while Shigure, the dog of the Zodiac, gets a ”Relaxation Matcha Monblac” cake (900 yen). Each menu item also comes with one of 17 limited-edition table mats which feature the 12 Zodiac members as well as Tohru and her friends Arisa and Saki. 

There will also be a selection of delicious-looking drinks featuring the Zodiac animals as well as Tohruo’s friends. The little decoration that comes with the drink depends on the flavor you choose, and if there are different options, the one you get will be random. Appropriately, Yuki and Kyo are served with the same drink–a drink of Calpis, whipped cream and marmalade jam sold for 650 yen–because, really, who could ever choose between Yuki and Kyo?

Other flavors include grenadine syrup in cider with whipped cream (Tohru and friends’ drink), blueberry sauce, yogurt and whipped cream (Shigure and others’ drink), and berry jelly, cider, and whipped cream (Isuzu and Kagura’s drink). All are 650 yen, and come with a special coaster, of which there are 17 varieties.

Lots of special, exclusive goods will also be for sale. Tohru wearing a ball gown and Yuki and Kyo in princely costumes will appear in the form of pins, keychains, standees with acrylic stands, clear files, mugs, and canvas prints, ranging in price from 400 yen for the pins to 3,500 yen for the prints.

Chibi versions of the royal-garbed main cast, plus the rest of the cast in their own versions of formal attire, will also be available for sale as standees, keychains, and pins (350 to 850 yen).

And if it’s the animals of the Zodiac you love the most, they’re well-represented in cute symbols on a lunch tote (2,000 yen), a bath towel (3,500 yen), a pass case (1,100 yen), and in individual keychains (650 yen each), along with the symbols applied to Tohru and her friends (the flower, the rice ball, and the fish).

What’s more, if you spend more than 2,000 yen on goods or menu items (easy!), then you’ll get a free portrait card of a Fruits Basket character!

The Fruits Basket collaboration menu and goods will be available at the Ikebukuro Character Cafe in Tokyo starting from August 22 to September 9, the Shinjuku Marui Annex Cafe in Tokyo from August 1 to 16, and the Osaka Cafe from August 5 to September 6. If you’re a fan of the show, don’t miss out!

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Source: Princess Cafe via Nijimen via Anime News Network
Images: Princess Cafe
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