Who knew Final Fantasy VII’s baddie would make such a gorgeous engagement ring? Takayas Custom Jewelry knew.

Final Fantasy XV might be on the minds of all the gamers in recent weeks, but the game that comes up time and time again in the long-running fantasy game series is Final Fantasy VII. Often cited as a fan-favorite, its cast of memorable characters, moving plot, and epic music have fans chomping at the bit waiting for the planned re-release.

While most fans have to sit tight for Square Enix to unleash another round of knights from a table, one loving couple decided to bring the world of Final Fantasy VII to their home a bit earlier by designing a custom engagement ring.

▼ This ring is no illusion.


Takayas Custom Jewelry has been on a roll lately with some of the most inspired custom engagement and wedding rings, such as the custom Sailor Moon and Star Wars ones. Their commitment to detail and creativity constantly forces us to pick up jaws from the floor.

When creating this ring, Takayas worked diligently to adhere to the wishes of the client, who asked for an emerald stone center with Sephiroth’s wing on one side and his Masamune sword on the other.  

▼ Come and bask in the glory that is Sephiroth…
or put it on the finger of your loved one.


▼ The way the emerald is set with the sword and the wing is stunning.


Though the entire ring is cast in platinum, the “one wing” is plated with black rhodium to give off that menacing Sephiroth feel. Just looking at it inspires the “One-Winged Angel” theme song to start playing in our head, and by our count that makes the project a huge success.

For those interested, more details about how the ring was designed can be found on the Takayas Custom Jewelry Blog page.

▼ Nothing to be sad about with this chosen ring!



Whether it’s dangerous to go alone or simply finding the key to someone’s heart, Takayas has the experience and skill to make your jewelry worth cherishing. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Source, insert images: Takayas Custom Jewelry Blog
Top image: Takayas Custom Jewelry Blog (edited by RocketNews24)