This is one eight-minute long ride you will remember for the rest of your life.

Much of China remains untouched by human hands, resulting in some of the most stunning landscapes shaped by mother nature, like the remarkable rainbow-colored mountains of Gansu Province for instance.

Another travel treasure has been brought to the attention of netizens by Japanese Twitter user @yoneharausako, who posted a video of a funicular ride that took everyone’s breath away. Racing down the narrow railway track, passengers would be treated to a spectacular view of grand mountains perpetually shrouded in a sea of wispy clouds.

▼ This is way better than any theme park attraction.

The roller coaster-like vehicle is called a funicular and is located in Huangshan in the province of Anhui, China, renowned for its magnificent scenery, brilliant sunsets, and lush nature. Shuttling tourists up and down an extremely steep incline between Paiyunxi Station and Tianhai Station, a one-way trip takes eight minutes and costs 100 RMB (US$14.60).

▼ Get ready for the ride of your life.

As a testament to Huangshan’s beauty, the mountain range is often featured as a centerpiece of traditional Chinese literature and paintings. Translated to “Yellow Mountain” in English, Huangshan’s unique and picturesque landscape earned it the right to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

▼ Traveling to this heavenly place ought to be on everyone’s bucket list.

▼ Fall is perhaps the best season to go, as the autumn colors can be rather astounding.

▼ But winter can be just as pretty. Just remember to watch your step as it’s a long way down.

▼ Huangshan is also home to the Bridge of Immortals,
one of the highest — and no doubt the scariest — bridges in the world.

Japanese netizens were astonished by the splendid view afforded by the funicular:

“It looks like an ink painting!”
“I didn’t realize such fantastic places exist!”
“I thought it was some kind of game CG. Thank you for enlightening us.”
“It looks like something out of Kung Fu Panda.”
“So this is where Goku trains.”

Riding the funicular is just one of the many ways to enjoy what the majestic Huangshan has to offer, as leisurely trekking up the noble mountains on foot also allows visitors to soak in the tranquil atmosphere at their own pace. China is a country full of surprises, and if trudging up steep slopes is not your thing, why not explore a mysterious underwater city that puts Atlantis to shame?

Source: Twitter@yoneharausako, Limikezhan
Featured image: Twitter@yoneharausako