Now we know what our cat overlords get up to when we’re not looking.

The everyday lives of cats can range from intriguing to downright funny. When they’re not lounging around at home, they’re either out frolicking with their friends or exploring various nooks and crannies. But unknown to us, they also have rather delightful hobbies.

Japanese cat photographer @sakata_77 has been captivated by the furry creatures for the longest time. But unlike his peers, he takes pictures of them in incredibly dynamic postures

▼ …like dancing as seen here.

Standing on two hind legs with paws outstretched and bodies contorted, the adorable cats in the images look as if they’re dancing to the rhythmic beat of a Japanese traditional Bon Odori Festival.

▼ This is how humans do it in Japan.

@sakata_77 also has a knack for catching the felines in the middle of honing their combat techniques, throwing furry punches in preparation for the next grand martial paw-nament.

▼ “The stray cats’ strongest school, the black cat fist.

▼ “World, this is a Japanese ninja cat.

▼ “Shooting until sunset, I was able to snap pictures that looked like
training scenes from a kung fu movie.

@sakata_77’s intriguing photography collection books have always been well-received by fans, but his latest book detailing techniques used in his trademark dynamic shots will no doubt be a favorite.

▼ Aspiring kung fu cat photographers ought to check it out.
(Translation below)

“Please allow me to advertise. The book Techniques of Cat Fist Photography will go on sale on 16 August. A talk event commemorating its launch will be held on 4 August at the Olympus Plaza Tokyo! It’s free and no reservations are required.”

Enthusiasts of paw punching and feline fighters can pre-order the book from Amazon Japan here.

Thanks to @sakata_77, we now know what our furry companions do in their free time. So the next time you wonder where your cat has gone to, know that they may be practicing feline martial arts, ready to take on the fabled grandmeowsters of the 11 Cat Islands.

Event information
Techniques of Cat Fist Photography commemorative launch talk show by Hiroyuki Hisakata / 久方広之『ねこ拳撮影術』発売記念トークトークショー
Address: Olympus Plaza Tokyo, Event Space
オリンパスプラザ東京 イベントスペース
Date: 4 August (Saturday)
Time: 2 p.m.-3 p.m.

Source: Twitter/@sakata_77 via IT media
Featured image: Twitter/@sakata_77