The man who can make knives out of pasta and underwear is back with his most beautiful idea yet.

YouTuber Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami realizes that his stage name, lengthy even by Japanese standards, is probably pretty hard for people overseas to remember. Helpfully, he also refers to himself as “JapaneseKnifeMan,” and while the meaning is different than that of his original Japanese moniker (which translates roughly to “overwhelmingly suspicious person”), his English name is definitely appropriate.

This is, after all, the guy who’s made knives out of such unusual materials as dried fish, pasta, and rice. Heck, he even made a knife out of a pair of all-cotton boxer shorts. His latest creation, though, is neither weird nor gross. It’s just jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

This time around, Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami decided to make a blade using UV-cured resin. In basic terms, UV curing uses ultraviolet light, not heat, to harden coatings. The production process is fairly long, so we’ll be featuring Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami’s video several times throughout this article, cued up at different progress points to highlight specific steps.

The first thing he needs to do is make a mold into which to pour the liquid resin. He does this by placing a preexisting knife (the 100-yen chef’s knife from Daiso he sharpened to a ludicrous degree in a previous video) into a plastic card case, vacuum sealing it, and then removing the knife. Once the mold is good to go, he starts pouring in the resin, which he’s mixed with a decorative blue coloring.

At multiple points in the process, Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami does a bit of preliminary hardening by placing the mold into a box with an attached drying mechanism (originally designed for drying the insides of shoes and boots), and also in front of a UV light array.

But while the colored resin is plenty beautiful on its own, Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami also adds in other eye-catching elements. Opting for a marine theme, his next move is to add a measure of sand to the resin that’s going into the mold.

More oceanic appeal comes from the introduction of seashells and tiny fish figurines, which he positions ever so carefully using a pair of tweezers.

Tragically, when he’s already more than half-way done, Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami notices a series of air bubbles that have formed in the handle, and so he starts all over again. This time, though, he achieves the consistency he’s aiming for, and the result is an exquisite piece of translucent cutlery that looks like it was formed from the sea itself.

Removing the mold from around the case turns out to be a lengthy endeavor, and one for which Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami puts on a very thick pair of protective gloves. Eventually, though, he gets the knife out and begins sharpening it using his beloved array of whetstones.

Finally, it’s time to test the sharpness of his latest creation. Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami starts with a few slashes against a sheet of paper, producing impressive cuts, but since this is a cooking knife, the more important trial is when he turns its edge towards some cucumbers, which it slices with no problems, producing vegetable slivers with the sort of beauty you’d expect from such a beautiful culinary instrument.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the rest of the salad, but that’s par for the course for Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami’s videos. He’s more about the slicing than the eating, and we can’t wait to see what inventive new knife he comes up with next.

Source: YouTube/圧倒的不審者の極み! via IT Media
Images: YouTube/圧倒的不審者の極み!

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