The shop is now hiring as well, with salary increases for ugly applicants.

Themed bars and restaurants are some of Japan’s specialties. Whether it’s a permanent installation like the virtual reality restaurant themed on flying first class, or a temporary pop-up cafe like last year’s Very Hungry Caterpillar cafe, Japanese businesses do it right by putting their all into making the food, the decorations, the staff, and even the technology fit the theme.

While most of the themes incorporated are usually of some popular franchise like Pokémon or something else at least cute or cool, some shops go in somewhat of a different direction, like this bar spotted by Twitter user and pro-wrestler SHAKA (@official_shaka), which seems to base its theme on…ugliness, of all things.

SHAKA found this bar in Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, west of Tokyo, which is named “Dosukoi“. What caught SHAKA’s eye was the crudely handwritten sign outside that said, “Currently Mass Recruiting Girls”, which goes on to specify that girls considered “ugly” are much more highly sought after.

“Now Mass Recruiting Girls
1. Fat girls get an increased hourly wage
2. Ugly fat girls get even more
3. Super fugly girls get a lot more
4. Goblin girls will get twice the hourly wage
5. Girls whose faces look like they’ve been dug out of the dump get four times the hourly wage
6. Girls that look like they have some poop on their face will get whatever they want”

SHAKA found this poster so amusing that he tweeted about it, and his picture soon went viral. But it turns out that Miyazaki-based netizens were familiar with the bar, which actually appears to be a snack bar, a locally-owned bar where customers can drink for cheap, sing karaoke, and have pretty girls flirt with them (or in this case, ugly girls, apparently). In fact, locals had also seen numerous other amusing posters outside the establishment as well.

In the first picture of the above tweet, the sign on the right says, “Even though all the girls working here are super fugly, they’re all wearing mini-skirts,” and the sign on the left talks about the results of the “Asian Arm Wrestling Tournament”, which was apparently conducted in this bar. In the second picture, the sign on the wall of the stairwell says, “This is a really uninteresting shop. There’s no point in coming in here. We specialize in ugliness. We throw money in the gutters.”

In spite of the warning, the amusing signs definitely draw the attention of passersby, who are then enticed to enter by the cheap prices. Dosukoi charges only 2,800 yen (about US$26) for one hour of unlimited alcohol, karaoke, and drinks for the female staff! The bar also seems to offer special discounts for out-of-prefecture visitors, and have also offered discounts to disenfranchised members of society, like “baldies”.

▼ “Come on, baldies! All of you bald people in Japan, if you slide into our shop, you’ll get a discount. Here, being bald brings a profit ❤” According to the bar’s website, you’ll even get a bigger discount the more bald you are!

They might be touching on some sore topics for some people (like our poor, balding reporter Seiji), but the snack bar seems to mean it all in good fun, as they apparently don’t take much seriously. In any case, the signs drew positive responses from most netizens, who seemed to find it all very amusing, and oddly enticing:

“One of my coworkers went there! He said it was unexpectedly fun lol”
“I’ve been there! The women as well as the men are really strong at arm wrestling.”
“Wait…this is perfect for me.”
“Maybe I’ll go there!”
“Actually this looks interesting!”
“I’ve been there! The girls are actually pretty, though.”

The last comment seems to be true; judging by the cast list on the website, none of the girls working there are “ugly”in the slightest, so as far as themes go, Dosukoi might not be one of the places that really adheres to one. But all in all, it sounds like a humorous and quirky place, so if you somehow find yourself in the small city of Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture, after you’ve ridden the tiny party train or something, head over to Dosukoi and see what kind of fun can be had!

Source: Twitter/@official_shoka via Otakomu
Featured Image: Pakutaso