A patron was delighted by the super adorable octopus balls masquerading as Dragon Balls. But why was there one missing?

Takoyaki are a Japanese delicacy that you really should try at least once, if you have the opportunity. When it’s done right, it’s a spectacular little serving of street food, usually served in multiples of six, with each ball containing a serving of octopus meat, diced or minced, scraps of tempura, ginger and green onions, all wrapped up in a tasty wheat batter. Then you can slather it in “tare” sauce and/or mayonnaise, bonito shavings, nori – the works!

Manga author Chonosuke Kujiradake served up a real treat to his Twitter timeline recently. Having visited a bar with a very unique specialty, he uploaded a photograph to share with the masses.

▼ Each one of those octopus balls is topped with a pattern of cute cheese star shapes

In Kujiradake’s tweet, he wrote:

“While I was on a business trip I visited this bar, where I ordered the “Dragon Ball Takoyaki” from the menu. The item turned out to be one bag of frozen takoyaki, topped with star shapes cut from cheese, and I could tell the bag only had six balls in it.”

If you know anything about Dragon Ball, you know that there’s a dire problem here. The Dragon Balls don’t come as a set of six!

▼ To actually get your wish you need seven.

So why only six? Don’t worry, Kujiradake asked the owner himself.

“Hey, barkeep – you’re missing a Dragon Ball here!”

The owner instantly replied:

“If I served you all seven the dragon god Shenron would come out and destroy my bar.”

Kujiradake, not expecting such a quick and witty response, proceeded to “shoot strange beams of light from his nostrils” (we are choosing to interpret this bizarre special move as a laugh that just couldn’t be contained).

▼ Just look at the size of this guy. He wouldn’t fit in a bar even if you took all the stools out.

The comments around the tweet were a little more skeptical. One commenter said “I bet it’s just that the cheese got stuck and he couldn’t make a seventh one.” Meanwhile, another commenter pointed out that even if Shenron appeared and tore through the bar’s walls with his mighty dragon coils, the barkeep would just have to wish for a new bar. No problem, right?

One pragmatist found a loophole immediately: “What if you just order two servings of them?”

In general though, commenters seemed to rate the cut of the barkeep’s jib. Not only did he serve a cute and creative meal with a comic-book twist, he had the sense of humor and quick wits to defend it. If you’re waiting to chow down on some officially licensed Dragon Ball meals instead, you’ll have to wait until another theme cafe opens – fingers crossed they include takoyaki next time!

Source: Twitter/@chou_nosuke via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@chou_nosuke