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Real-life doll Matt Kuwata scores first commercial with Black Thunder candy…and it’s very weird

We’re glad he got his major break, but…

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This Miyazaki bar’s theme is “ugliness”, also offers arm wrestling, and discounts for bald people

The shop is now hiring as well, with salary increases for ugly applicants.

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Japan’s new Leftover Bathwater drink has us strangely titillated【Taste test】

Did our indulgence in the bathwater of beautiful women and handsome men make us very, very bad?

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“Titanic Slide” available for rent in Japan, ready to offend at your next birthday party 【Pics】

Inflatable iceberg not included.

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Japanese university to welcome adult film star as special guest at their student festival

School festivals are kind of a big deal in Japan, with students from kindergarten through to university participating in their own school’s festival each year, usually involving games, food cooked by the kids on-site, and the occasional jaw-dropping class project like this full-size teacup ride. University festivals will, in addition, have special performances, and may also feature local or well-known musicians, comedians, and more.

But one university in Gifu Prefecture is spicing up their upcoming festival this month by bringing in none other than Mana Sakuraa Japanese adult film star—for a special talk show, with opportunities for a photo shoot and even a “Kiss-Abstaining Championship”! With cooler weather setting in, there’s nothing like the star of naughty videos to heat things up at a school festival…right?

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