Come for the twist ending, stay for a useful Japanese vocabulary lesson.

I’m not entirely sure I believe in the existence of karma. Sometimes people do bad things yet never face any sort of repercussions for them, and other times people do acts of incredible kindness without receiving any gratitude, much less a tangible reward.

But then there are situations like the one shown in this video from Japanese Twitter user @34_ryuto, in which some unseen force seems to be at work, one which appears to balance out the negative energies of the universe by slapping someone with misfortune immediately after they’ve been inconsiderate to their fellow human beings. In the video, a man on a motorcycle is weaving back and forth between a street’s two lanes, for no reason other than to inconvenience drivers behind him by blocking traffic…but really, he should have been more concerned with the cars in front of him.

As @34_ryuto, whose car is traveling in the left lane, attempts to pass, the motorcyclist slides in front of him, forcing @34_ryuto to hit his brakes. But now the right lane is open, and the motorcyclist doesn’t want the car in that lane passing him either, so he looks back over his right shoulder while calculating how to keep both cars behind him. Unfortunately for him, that means he doesn’t notice the car directly in front of him that’s stopped at a red light until it’s too late.

The motorcyclist slams on his brakes, but it’s clear he’s not going to be able to stop in time, so he drags his left foot along the ground in a desperate effort to slow down, which also results in him completely eating it as his knee buckles and he falls face-first from the bike into the pavement.

At the very end, you can hear either @34_ryuto or his passenger utter a single word in Japanese: “Dasa.” What’s it mean?


Technically, the word should be dasai, meaning “uncool.” But the motorcyclist’s jackassery is so meaningless, and his comeuppance so sudden, that dasai gets shortened down to an even more emphatic dasa.

Other Twitter users agreed with the assessment, leaving comments like:

“Yep, that’s a perfect example of being super-dasai.”
“Dasa lollollollol”
“So dasai that I can’t stop laughing (*´-`)”
“Infinitely dasai.”

@34_ryuto says that right after the video stops, the motorcyclist picked himself up, hopped on his bike, and fled the scene, apparently no longer in the mood to be the center of attention now that his dasai levels had been exposed. In addition, @34_ryuto has sent the video to the local police, who will no doubt want to talk to the motorcyclist about his very unsafe, and very uncool, vehicular behavior.

Source: Twitter/@34_ryuto via Jin

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