The Pan Pan present set is a steamy, strange way to show your affection this February.

For Valentine’s Day in Japan, it’s customary for women to give gifts of chocolate to guys they like (and also guys they don’t like, for that matter). However, if the guy you like doesn’t have a sweet tooth, odds are he isn’t going to be all that excited over getting a box of chocolates.

So as an alternative, Japanese fashion brand Toot is offering a different sort of edible Valentine’s Day present pack: a loaf of bread, plus one of its premium pairs of men’s underwear.

Of course, Toot’s expertise lies in boxers and briefs, not buns and baguettes. The bread in the bundles comes from Hiroshima’s Cube The Bakery, and it’s prepared two different varieties for this unorthodox gift idea.

The white underwear is accompanied by a loaf of Cube’s standard “Plain” bread, made with Hokkaido flour. Meanwhile, the red pair comes with a loaf of “Rich” bread, which uses organic North American flour and is moister and sweeter than the Plain version.

▼ Both the underwear and the present pack bread are decorated with Toot’s pixelated “digital heart” motif.

But why pair underwear with bread? As with many things in Japan, because of a pun. In Japan, underwear are often referred to as pantsu, and the word for “bread” is pan. From the similar pronunciation was born the idea for the Pan Pan Valentine Gift, as the bundle is officially called.

▼ Cube’s Hiroshima location

The bundle is listed on Toot’s online shop here for 5,566 yen (US$50), although it’s currently sold out. Cube itself is also taking in-store reservations (with the product being available for pick-up on February 8, 9, 12, 13, or 14) for an almost-identical price of 5,562 yen, but quantities are limited, so you’ll want to act fast lest they also sell out and you’re stuck having to give your boyfriend masturbatory aid chocolates for Valentine’s Day instead.

Bakery information
Cube the Bakery
Address: Hiroshima-ken, Hiroshima-shi, Nishi-ku, Uchikoshi-cho 11-8
Open 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Closed Sundays

Source, images: PR Times
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