Cyclist threw his bike at a car and repeatedly punched its driver after a horn was beeped.

On 5 February at about 6:50 pm, a young man was driving along the Hanshin Expressway in Higashiosaka city. As he sat at a red light, a cyclist suddenly rode out in front of him. Thinking that was a dangerous move on such a busy street the driver simply gave an innocent toot of his horn.

This apparently didn’t go over well with the cyclist, who suddenly picked up his bike and slammed it against the hood of the car. The entire incident was caught by the driver, who goes by the Twitter handle of Torenopannda (@torenopanda), on his car’s dashboard camera.

Torenopannda later tweeted about the incident, asking anyone who might have been around for help catching the reckless rider and attacker.

“Has the world gone nuts? I warned the guy for running out into a busy street and he hit me with his bike. Everyone, please help me try to catch him. Even information you might think is trivial is appreciated. The location is near the Aramoto Exit. They guy probably commutes through here.”

After watching the video above, you probably noticed that after the bike smash, Torenopannda got out of his car and began running after the cyclist. At the same time, another man on his motorbike who was waiting at the light also followed them.

As luck would have it, the man on the motorbike, going by the Twitter name Yoshito, pulled out his phone and recorded Torenopannda as he confronted the cyclist. Spotting Torenopannda’s tweet he posted the video.

“I got it on video!!!”

It was only a moment as the flow of traffic swept Yoshito away but we could easily see that the cyclist was much larger than Torenopannda and continued to pummel him even though he didn’t seem to be fighting back. Again, this was all just because Torenopannda honked his horn.

Yoshito contacted the police following the incident but the unidentified man had already fled the scene. Others on Twitter pitched in by spreading the word and giving close-up looks at the cyclist’s face.

“About 6:50 on 5 February, this man escaped after attacking someone with his own bike on the road. The incident occured near 1-5-50 Aramotokita, Higashiosaka, Osaka. He was caught once but he escaped while the police were being contacted. Any information connected to this criminal is appreciated. Thank you.”

The attack occurred at a major intersection along a main artery of the area. Even though the incident happened in Higashiosaka, the cyclist could have been travelling between Osaka City and any one of the surrounding suburbs, even Nara Prefecture is a possibility.

Other Twitter users came forward with whatever details they could. One person was able to ID the bike used by the assailant.

Others asked if Torenopannda was okay after taking so many hits. He responded that he was going to the hospital the next day to get checked out, so it’s unclear at the moment. He added, however, that “the world has become a scary place.”

Luckily, thanks to the attacker’s large build and brightly colored mode of transportation, police should have a slightly easier time using cameras to follow his escape route. However, it would be kind of neat if the combined power of regular people on the Internet could track down this dangerous individual even faster.

Source: Twitter/@torenopanda, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@torenopanda