Seiji continues his mad quest to make this website FaucetNews24 with his endless makeshift plastic bottle taps.

On 4 December Yonago Airport (which shares some facilities with the Japan Air Self Defense Forces’ Miho Airbase) started a special faucet that dispenses small amounts of crab soup instead of water. The setup is aimed at promoting the city of Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture, which boasts the largest annual haul of crab in the entire country.

The faucet will distribute about 30 to 100 cups a day free of charge until 28 February, 2019. A spokesperson for the…

I’m sorry, this is nice news and everything, but it’s not really something I’d normally report. The fact of the matter is that our writer, Seiji Nakamura, has become obsessed with making faucets out of used plastic bottles ever since the Tokyo Metropolitan Police taught him how to do so in a disaster preparedness tip.

Since then, he’s been scouring the news looking for any faucet-related stories that would give him an excuse to make such-and-such drink come out of a tiny hole in the bottom of a bottle. Now it looks like crab soup is on the agenda. I mean who even drinks…

Oh, here he comes. Ahem…

Our writer Seiji Nakazawa sure would love to try some of that delicious crab soup, but with Tottori so far away, how could get that same straight-from-the-faucet-crab sensation?

By making his own “plastic bottle emergency faucet,” that’s how! First, he just punched a hole about two to three millimeters (0.08 – 0.11 inches) in diameter.

Getting the crab soup was a little more difficult. Rather than the old-fashioned way, Seiji whipped up a broth using a jar of crab powder seasoned with crab extract for 648 yen (US$6). Then he boiled it with some water in a kettle.

Next, keeping his finger over the hole, he poured the soup into the bottle. This time since the contents were hot, he used some tissues to insulate his finger.

Then, as with the beer, and the orange juice before that, loosening the cap causes soup to shoot out of the hole, and tightening it makes it stop.

In this way, Seiji poured out a plastic cup full of crab soup and went for a test sip.

Success! It tasted great and gave his body a nice warm feeling. Whether or not the soup getting squeezed out of a tiny plastic hole had anything to do with this whatsoever is unclear…but it makes him happy, so whatever.

“A cup every morning is good for my health!”

We’d like to remind you all that these plastic bottle faucets are intended to conserve water in the event of a disaster or other disruption to the public supply. It’s good to try it out as a way to practice, but if you or a loved one gets an unnatural urge to constantly drink from one, please seek professional help.

We can only hope Seiji gets some before his live-in girlfriend gets fed up with the dozens of reused water bottles with mysterious yellow liquids scattered around their home.

Source: NHK Tottori News Web
Images ©SoraNews24
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