If you are someone who’s always dropping your phone, you might want to invest in this case.

Smartphones are possibly one of the most useful inventions of our time, but they come with a major flaw: screens that crack easily. While there’s all kinds of technology out there that’s meant to protect your phone from getting chips and dings, somehow many of us still end up having to navigate around spiderwebs of fractures in order to see our Facebook feeds.

If you’re someone who always drops your phone, then you know the struggle. Thankfully, Japanese Twitter user @shin_spbv has given iPhone users a fool-proof way to protect their phone screens that uses the concept of Murphy’s Law: a case decorated to look like a piece of buttered toast.

Murphy’s Law tells us that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Thus, when you drop a piece of toast that has anything spread on it, like butter or jam, it will always fall with that side down, leading to a messy splat and inedible toast.

So, by that theory, putting a case on your smartphone that looks exactly like an exceedingly realistic (and delicious-looking) piece of buttered toast should automatically save your smartphone from falling face down and smashing up its screen, because it will want to fall butter-side down instead, according to @shin_spbv.

Of course, in the case of toast and butter or jam, and quite possibly for this smartphone case as well, one could argue that the buttered side is always heavier, and that’s why it always falls face down. But who are we to complain when it seems like Murphy’s Law works in our favor for once?

▼ Because nobody wants their phone to look like this.

Of course, one could also make the argument that if what could go wrong is your smartphone’s screen cracking, then Murphy’s Law will ignore the fake butter toast and your phone will fall flat on its face. In that case you could choose style over function–unless you really like buttered toast–and you can instead use Nintendo’s hopefully upcoming Game Boy case or one of the gorgeous, sparkly, Sailor Moon cases decorated with Swarovski crystals that were newly released by Isetan.

But why risk it? @shin_spbv was gracious enough to let us know where to buy the case, so if you’re someone who really needs protection of the highest quality, then you’ll want to pick up the Fairy Butter Toast iPhone case, available for all iPhone models from the iPhone 5 up, here from online shop Minne. Depending on the size, it costs up to 3,330 yen (about US$30).

So try the Fairy Butter Toast case and see if it works for you…after all, a few thousand yen is worth it if it will save your phone screen!

Source: Twitter/@shin_spbv via Hamster Sokuho
Featured image: Twitter/@shin_spbv

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