Now the little moon princesses in all of us can live like true Silver Millennium royalty!

Let’s face it: those of us who were childhood fans of Sailor Moon admired the beautiful castle, glittering brooches, and gorgeous outfits of the Moon Kingdom. Who didn’t dream of donning Princess Serenity’s white dress and being swept into the arms of the handsome Prince Darien?

Sadly, most of us grew up into ordinary adults that have to slog through the drudgery of mundane life by paying bills, working nine to five, and trying to muster up the energy to cook something other than cup ramen every day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still pretend to be Princess Serenity, and that’s where the latest collaboration between Sailor Moon and Isetan comes in!

We love Isetan and Sailor Moon collaborations because they give us adorable clothes, stylish accessories, and Sailor Moon swag for all seasons. This year’s collaboration, however, has the little princesses in us squealing with joy, as it comes with an enormous collection of home goods and furniture, clothing and jewelry, and all kinds of accessories. The products, which also feature collaborations with stylish bag producer LeSportsac, world-famous fashion designer Anna Sui, and sparkling jewelry shop Swarovski, are sure to outfit your whole house like the interior of the Silver Millennium castle itself.

To start with, the collection offers furniture for the bedroom and living room. You can furnish your bedroom with a chest of drawers decorated with a crescent moon and a small mirror on the top (91,800 yen [US$822.10]). Put it next to your Sailor Moon single-size bed frame (162,000 yen), which is carved in a soft, curving design like the chest of drawers, and decorated with a ribbon, like on Sailor Moon’s uniform.

To compliment the soft and bright off-white color of the furniture, why not accentuate the room with the rosy pink or light blue sheet and futon cover set (19,440 yen)? The pink set comes with a ribbon and Luna motif, while the blue one is a lovely floral pattern with light pink accents befitting a princess.

Let your living room also be fit for a princess with the stylish, off-white TV stand designed in a similar style (86,400 yen). It has a glass door with a moon emblem chiseled into it and will be a very elegant accent to your family room. Then make the matching coffee table (64,800 yen) the center of the room, with its beautiful ribbon and moon design on top, and ribbon motif along the side panels.

Keep your rooms light and bright with Sailor Scout-inspired table lamps (96,120 yen), which are decorated with Swarovski crystals and come in the colors of each Sailor Scout’s uniform. If that’s not fancy enough for you, set up the Moon Gorgeous Table Lamp (170,640 yen), whose shade is made up solely of red, white, and blue dangling crystals and gold-plated links that dangle over a golden base. There are also beautifully elegant and luxurious chandeliers available (248,400 yen or 410,400 yen), which are sure to make your living room look like a throne room.

When you have guests come to visit, you’ll want to serve them tea using the Sailor Moon kettle, cups, glasses, plates and silverware, which are sold separately for 864 yen to 5,724 yen each.

For when there are no guests, stay comfy and cute in these elegant Sailor Moon pajamas. Feel like Sailor Moon herself in one of the cute night dresses inspired by Sailor Moon’s style (10,800 to 12,960 yen), or stay breezy with a shorts and shirt set (17,280 yen). You can even get some lacy lingerie decorated with Sailor Moon’s ribbon to entice your significant other (9,720 yen)!

When going out, maintain your elegant princess air with the totes, clutches, and handbags created in collaboration with LeSportsac (3,456 yen to 19,440 yen). Decorated with roses as well as the brooches, wands, and sceptres that Sailor Moon uses throughout the series, these bags are a nod to your favorite magical girl while also being stylish at the same time.

Maintain the theme with a wallet inspired by Sailor Moon designs. Choose a simple red and blue wallet featuring the shape of the ribbon tied on Sailor Moon’s chest (19,440 yen), a gray-colored wallet inspired by Princess Serenity’s dress (23,760 yen), or a subtle rainbow version imitating Sailor Moon’s transformation scene (23,760 yen). There’s even one depicting the Silver Millennium castle in beautiful watercolor style (30,240 yen). Each of the designs is delicately accented with Swarovski crystals.

Top off your Silver Millennium style by wearing necklaces inspired by each of the Sailor Scouts (27,000 yen each). Each one is in the same pattern, but has different color jewels that reflect the colors of each Scout’s uniform. There are also brooch necklaces that come in different sizes (30,240 yen to 48,600 yen), necklaces featuring Sailor Moon’s wands and sceptres (27,000 yen to 30,240 yen), and, for that special night out, a beautiful and elegant silver quartz necklace (95,040 yen), fit for Princess Serenity herself.

Each necklace also has a corresponding bracelet (19,440 yen to 37,800 yen each) and pair of earrings (19,440 to 35,640 yen), and each of the Sailor Scout sets has a matching ring as well (19,440 yen). Each piece of this Crystal Jewelry Collection features jewels and crystals supplied by Swarovski.

Complement your elegant jewels with a pair of Sailor Moon dress heels (22,680 yen) that are also decorated with Swarovski crystals, which come in red for Sailor Moon, or blue for the other Sailor Scouts. For more practical day-to-day wear, nude colored pumps inspired by Princess Serenity’s dress or tiara (22,680 yen) are also available.

For even more bling, make use of Sailor Moon iPhone X cases (12,960 yen to 97,200 yen), which feature Sailor Moon’s transformation scene or Princess Serenity, and are decorated with so many Swarovski crystals that everyone will admire their glitter and sparkle. If you don’t have an iPhone X, there are also sparkly leather stickers of Luna and Sailor Moon’s wands, adorned with more Swarovski crystals, that can be attached to leather phone cases (7,560 yen).

When going for a slightly more casual look, Anna Sui has produced some lovely Sailor Moon accessories, just like in the past when they collaborated on adorable jewelry and bags. Often in the designer’s trademark black and purple designs, but with a smattering of gold and silver, too, there are an abundance of necklaces, headbands, hair clips, earrings, rings, and even a tiara available (10,800 yen to 30,240 yen). Then you can keep it all in the ornate jewelry box (43,200 yen) that Anna Sui designed.


Anna Sui has also brought us some really beautiful suitcase, bag, pouch, and pencil case designs (3,024 to 41,040 yen) that feature the cats, the Silver Millennium Castle, and butterflies as motifs, as well as adorable embossed handkerchiefs with Luna, Artemis, and Diana embroidered on them (1,620 yen each). With each of these lovely collaborations, you can take your love of Sailor Moon with you wherever you go!

Each of these products is available for preorder on Isetan’s online store, and will be delivered starting at the end of May and continuing on even to August and September. But hurry! Some of the Anna Sui collaborations are already sold out, so if there’s something you want, order it sooner rather than later!

Source: Isetan via Nijimen
Top Image: Isetan
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