Funny case protects your iPhone from falling face down and cracking the screen using Murphy’s Law

If you are someone who’s always dropping your phone, you might want to invest in this case.

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Japan gets swept up in creative new “cherry toast” trend 【Photos】

It’s an easy and beautiful way to enjoy breakfast.

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Japan’s coffee-flavored toast spread is now on sale, but how does it taste? We find out

Who’s ready to eat their morning coffee?

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Now you can spread coffee on your toast in Japan!

Add a caffeine boost to your toast and sandwiches with this new spread from a popular Japanese coffee brand.

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One taste of toasted egg mushipan bread and you’ll never go back to eating it the normal way!

We take Japan’s simple pleasure of a steamed cake and push it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

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Breakfast never looked cuter! Character toast, pancakes, doughnuts, burgers and more!【Pics】

If you’re not much of a morning person breakfast can be tricky. Sure, it’s the most important meal of the day and heading out on an empty stomach is never a good idea, but at the same time the temptation of an extra 10, 15, 20 minutes in bed is often too much to resist.

If that’s the dilemma you face every morning, these plates of edible cuteness might just be motivation enough for you to haul your ass out of bed and sit down to a proper breakfast. Generous servings of cute after the break!

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Japanese netizens show love for “English Toast” which is neither English nor Toast

With such a wide range of delicious and delectable (and, erm, shall we say unusualsnack foods available in Japan,  it’s a little hard to understand when people get whipped up into a frenzy over plainer options, such as toast and bread crusts fried with sugar. Now, twitter users in Japan are getting their tastebuds in a twist over the confusingly-named “English Toast”, a sweet snacklet that first became popular in Aomori prefecture and has now expanded into a whole range of conbini sandwiches. But what on earth is it?

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For Butter Lovers: Easy, Greasy Japanese!

Toast in Japan is taken seriously. If you order the “breakfast set” at a restaurant in Japan, you will probably be confronted with one of the thickest slices of toasted bread you’ve ever seen. If you manage to peer over it, you might spot a boiled egg and a small, sad amount of salad cowering there.

At the supermarket, some popular toast spreads which come in a squeezy tube are chocolate, cinnamon, melon and “french toast” flavour, but for many people, toast means butter, and the more butter, the better. For butter-lovers, the new Easy Butter Butter-Former will transform hard butter straight from the fridge into soft and cotton-like butter threads, ready and easy to be used. Sound too greasy to be true? It probably is.

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