Why waste your time spooning tripe stew into dishes when you can just pour it out?

Social media has been shedding light on some of Japan’s biggest and wildest dishes out there (like Stamina Taro Next’s mega pasta) for quite some time now. What we want to show you today is a pretty hefty portion, but we’re more interested in how it’s served to customers.

Recently, Twitter user @yar_ihcas tweeted about a restaurant in their local neighborhood of Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture that was serving up a massive amount of motsuni, or “tripe stew,” in a pitcher. That’s right – a pitcher.

▼ The picture doesn’t look so intimidating, but according to the message at the bottom, “An Indian elephant can eat this in two seconds.”

News about the deal spread to locals pretty fast, and soon people were ordering it and sharing the real deal on social media. The traditional liquid container that is a pitcher literally overflowed with a hearty mix of tripe, potatoes, konyaku, and more. And yes, it is okay for you to eat it directly out of the pitcher.

▼ Here’s someone who apparently ordered this twice (not in the same day!). It holds about 1.8 liters (61 ounces).


The tripe stew pitcher is set at a variable price most likely depending on the ingredients, so we can’t say for sure how much it costs. We do know that it is quite heavy, so you can bet on it filling you and/or your friends up (we’re not judging!).

▼ Just in case you wanted a close-up…


Word quickly spread not only to locals, but to the rest of Japan is well. They were equally as flabbergasted as Oarai residents by both the amount served and its dishing method.

“I like tripe stew, but this is a bit much.”
“This is so stupid that I love it.”
“It doesn’t look very good visually.”
“Tripe stew looks pretty gross when you put it into a clear container, huh?”
“There’s no way you can avoid heartburn eating this.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as something like Natural Lawson’s Ramune-kan, or even Akihabara’s ramen in a jug, but it does inspire a sense of challenge in those with big appetites.

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