Cucumbers are great fruits that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but by sheer chance our writers have found a way to heighten the flavor and texture of a cucumber to unprecedented levels.

Like most great discoveries, the most delicious way to eat a cucumber came in a moment of utter serendipity.

It all started last Christmas. Four of our Japanese writers were feeling a little lonely on this day, which is usually reserved for couples eating Christmas cake and fried chicken together, so they headed down to the restaurant Kushiyaki Gen for some Christmotsu Cake instead.

Chirstmotsu Cake is a variation of motsunabe: a pot of boiled and seasoned intestines, stomach linings and other assorted organ meats. Actually, Christmotsu Cake is exactly like motsunabe expect for some festive candles and the fact that it is served in enough portions to feed 20 people for 10,000 yen (US$88).

This was just perfect for our team, however, and combined their two greatest passions: binge-eating and staring at fire.

After all the writers had polished off five times the tripe of a normal human, they were still feeling a little peckish. So, they decided to order a lightly pickled whole cucumber for 350 yen ($3).

Then, a Christmotsu miracle happened! That cucumber turned out to be the best one any of them had ever tasted. It was truly amazing since each man came from a different cucumber eating background with different rich tapestries of cucumber eating experiences. And yet they all agreed without hesitation that they had experienced the very best that night bar none.

They quickly deduced the secret.

How to eat a cucumber in the most delicious way in the universe

1 – Eat enough motsunabe to feed five people

2 – Eat some cucumber

So simple and yet so difficult for some people in other parts of the world who might be wondering how they can procure so much offal let alone eat it. Don’t worry, though! Even if you can’t, this recipe can still be used as a guide.

Try eating large amounts (if not five times, as much as you can) of similarly textured meat or soy-based vegetarian substitute. You’ll at least probably be able to up your cucumber enjoyment index several times over, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find the most delicious way to eat a cucumber in the multiverse.

Experiment and have fun with it, and remember to keep reading RocketNews24 for more huge piles of tripe!

Shop Information
Kushiyaki Gen
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東京都板橋区大山東町21-10 蔦屋ビル 1F
Open 5:00 to midnight, seven days a week

Original articles by Seiji Nakazawa and Ahiru Neko
Photos: RocketNews24
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