”Feel free to touch the teachers…gently” invites anime production at convention in Tokyo.

It’s easy to imagine the marketing staff for upcoming anime Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher? (titled Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? In Japanese) being faced with a dilemma when planning the series’ booth for the recent Anime Japan convention at Tokyo’s Big Sight Venue. As its preview videos clearly show, the series is unabashedly part of the sexy schoolhouse shenanigans genre.

To promote the series, the anime’s booth at the convention featured life-size standees of its female characters, and you can probably see what the problem was going to be. Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher? lives or dies by the appeal of its prodigiously (physically) developed cast, but cardboard cutouts, being boards, are perhaps the worst medium by which to convey comely curves and seductive spheres.

But then the designers realized they could make cardboard cutouts that look like this.



That’s no trick of the light. Each of the four teachers from the anime had their breasts, and only their breasts, rendered in three-dimensional space.

What’s more, the character’s chests weren’t crafted out of the same thick paper as the rest of their bodies. Instead, they were made of a soft and supple material, and the anime’s producers invited fans and admirers to “Feel free to touch the teachers.”

▼ They also added “We would like you to touch them gently,” wisely realizing that with over 100,000 attendees at Anime Japan, the anime educators’ breasts probably wouldn’t be able to withstand extra-forceful petting from all interested parties.


There were also cosplayers dressed as the series’ icy school nurse Chizuru Tachibana and strict Japanese teacher Kana Kojma, though obviously with a strict look-but-don’t-touch rule in effect.


Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher? is set to premiere on April 7, after which we’ll find out how effective its hands-on promotion was, and perhaps whether it’s the wave of the future of anime marketing.

Source: Twitter/@nankoko_anime via Hachima Kiko
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