12 of Marvel’s strongest stars are ready to fight their greatest foe: your thirst.

Coca-Cola Japan likes to offer special packages for its signature soda, with some of the recent highlights being beautiful images of Okinawa and other top travel destinations around the country. Their latest project, though, is for those of us planning not a trip out of town, but to the movie theater.

While American comic books never really hit it big with readers in Japan, the movies of Marvel’s cinematic universe have landed right in the sweet spot for the country, with the action spectacles winning a large fanbase primarily composed of people who’ve never actually cracked open one of the heroes’ on-paper adventures. So to celebrate the upcoming release of Avengers: Endgame, Coca-Cola Japan is rolling out a collection of special cans featuring 11 of Marvel’s greatest heroes, plus their most powerful foe.

▼ Top row: Thor, Iron Man, Hulk
Bottom row: Ant-Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye (who seems to have found some really good conditioner)

The Avengers cans (which we’d love to see fight Street Fighter’s Ryu) are filled with zero-calorie Coca-Cola Zero, to meet the cola needs of health-conscious heroes. Each character’s profile rendered in the red-black-and-white color scheme of the latest Endgame trailer, and as a cool touch, all of the heroes are facing left, while only paving-his-road-to-Hell-with-good-intentions villain Thanos is glaring back to the right.

▼ War Machine, Black Widow, Rocket, Nebula, Captain Marvel, and Thanos

Here in Japan, we’re used to having to wait longer than the rest of the world for cool movie stuff, but the Avengers: Endgame Coca-Cola Zero will be here soon, going on sale April 1, with the movie itself thankfully debuting in Japanese theaters on its worldwide premiere date of April 26.

Source, images: PR Times
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