Well, at least she was dressed for the occasion.

You know that whole “Should anyone oppose this union, let them speak now or forever hold their peace” line you hear in wedding ceremonies? You’re not really supposed to take that literally. Even if you have a legitimate, genuine reason you think someone shouldn’t be getting married, the time to bring that up is before they’ve booked a venue and gathered their friends and family.

At least, that’s my take on it. However, one woman in China’s Hunan Province felt justified in taking a buzzer-beater shot at stopping her ex-boyfriend from marrying another woman, and her dramatic attempt can be seen in the video below.

With the groom and his intended bride standing at the front of the wedding hall, as they’re about to seal their vows with a kiss, the ex-girlfriend shows up. The fact that she too chose to wear a wedding dress makes it immediately clear that she’s not there to wish the bride happiness with her former sweetheart, but because she wants to take her place/husband.

Clinging to the left hand of the groom (who’s still linked to his intended bride by his right), the ex-girlfriend collapses to the ground, trying to pull him with her. He yanks his hand away, all while the master of ceremonies continues speaking in a remarkable calm voice and dramatic music plays over the venue’s sound system. “A truly unexpected occurrence is happening before us,” the M.C. needlessly explains. “Perhaps this also is part of the reality of love.”

The groom tries to reassure his bride, who’s standing stone-still as she attempts to mentally deal with what’s going on, by stroking her hair. However, his ex, after taking a few seconds to vigorously scratch her head, grabs the hem of the groom’s coat and tries once more to pull him towards her, reportedly while saying “I was wrong” and “Come back to me.”

The groom, however, isn’t having it, and again pulls away from his clingy ex, even as she stretches completely flat on the ground. Meanwhile, the bide has grown tired of the situation, and she rips off her own veil, which the groom ostensibly just raised in preparation for their kiss, before storming off. The groom, continually making his preference clear, follows her, leaving the ex now kneeling alone at the front of the hall.

It’s unclear whether the bride and groom returned to finish the ceremony, or whether they just decided to cancel the rest of the festivities all together. Either way, hopefully they got a nice discount from their venue, which apparently not only is pretty lax on keeping uninvited guests out of its weddings, but also seems to do little, if nothing, to remove them once they sneak in.

Sources: Nico Nico News via Jin, Gogo Tsushin via Hachima Kiko, YouTube/surprising but true
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