Pikachu used terrify! It’s super effective!

Cake is great. Pikachu is great. So why not combine the two for a cute wedding cake to show off the bride and groom’s shared love of Pokémon? What could go wrong?

Japanese Twitter user @manami1030 offers us a cautionary tale on exactly what could go wrong with this recent tweet:

▼ Aww, look! Isn’t that cake just so ador-

Those slices… the garnishes… the unblinking eyes of Pikachu gazing on as wedding guests consume his flesh. All that’s missing is an apple in its mouth, some tiki torches, and ritualistic chanting to complete the mood.

Here’s how Japanese netizens responded:

“I lost my appetite.”
“Did it evolve into a caterpillar?”
“It’s a Pika-autopsy!”
“This should require a NSFW tag.”
“I hope there were no children present to be traumatized for life.”
“Well, I’ll be seeing that smile in my nightmares tonight!”

One Japanese Twitter user responded with what we were all thinking:

▼ Oh no, Goldeen! Did they get you too?!

Need something to help you forget the Pik-abomination? How about some cute giant isopod cakes? Or a nice bleeding tuna cake? Ahh, much better!

Source: Twitter/@manami1030 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@manami1030