What would you do if a celebrity started talking to you on the train?

Although voice actors don’t seem to get fame to their name in other countries, here in Japan, they can sometimes be held in as high esteem as idols. Thanks to the massive popularity of not only anime but also mobile games, and to the fact that the most popular ones, like the legendary Megumi Hayashibara, also sing, many voice actors and actresses become household names and even earn highly dedicated fans who want to marry them.

There’s always the adage that “you should never meet your idol” to keep in mind, however, but fans of at least one voice actress need not worry on that end. Sachika Misawa (@misawa_official), popular anime/video game voice actress/singer whose roles include Bang Dream! Girls’ Band Party’s Moca Aoba, is apparently the nicest celebrity ever, since she happily struck up a conversation with a fan while on the train, and then tweeted cheerfully about it afterwards.

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“Just now I saw someone playing Girl’s Band Party next to me on the train, and I was so happy I just had to say something! As we passed through several stations they told me all about how much they love the game. They were so nice!”

Despite having roles in multiple high-profile mobile games, including Granblue Fantasy and Sword Art Online’s various installments, Misawa, based on her tweet, seems like a very genuine person. She was so happy to see someone playing a game in which she voiced a character that she just had to talk to that person, and then she even tweeted about it, with nothing but happy faces and heart emojis. She sounds like the sweetest celebrity, whose fame has not at all gone to her head.

▼ Sachika Misawa


The person with whom she spoke, @morunoon, was obviously touched by the conversation, and responded to her tweet, which was shared and liked more than 10,000 times:

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“Thank you for earlier!
You were super nice and I had a really great time talking to you!

Actually I knew you were Mocha’s voice actress but I didn’t say anything lol
I’ll always be supporting you!
Sorry I’m so delusional…”

@morunoon can count themselves lucky for having met not just a celebrity, but the voice actress for one of their favorite Girl’s Band Party characters by chance on the train. Many of Misawa’s followers were majorly jealous:

“I can’t imagine the unbelievable surprise they must have felt when a celebrity started a conversation with them.”
“Ooh I’m so jealous of people who live in Tokyo!”
“What! That person must have been so happy. That’s a memory they’ll cherish forever.”
“Okay I’m gonna play Girl’s Band Party every day on the way to school now.”
“What do you have to do in a previous life for something like this to happen?”
“I’m so jealous of that person!!!!”

True, living in big cities like Tokyo has the potential for random encounters with celebrities, but the chance of that is probably super low, since most celebrities likely don’t even ride the train, so we don’t recommend you drop everything and move to Tokyo just for that! Instead, do it because of the mighty, meaty ramen bowl that we can’t get enough of, since your chances of getting to eat it are roughly 100%.

Source: Twitter/@misawa_official via My Game News Flash
Featured Image: Twitter/@LimitedStand
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