Man asks for advice on how to marry a voice actress, gets told he could be a bachelor for life.

A man finding a woman’s voice attractive is a concept that Tomoe Tomiyasu is extremely well-versed in. After all, the Hiroshima native has spent the majority of her extensive voice acting career portraying characters in erotic video games, through she’s also had a few anime roles, such as Rin Natsume in Little Busters! (itself adapted from an adult visual novel game).

So in the mind of one fan looking to spend his life with a vocal vixen, Tomiyasu probably felt like the perfect person to ask for help, and he did just that by sending the following question to her via her account with online query service Peing.

“I want to marry a popular voice actress. I really, really want to. As a popular voice actress yourself, what do you think I can do in order to marry a popular voice actress???”

Tamiyasu then provided him with an answer, though it probably wasn’t the sort of advice he was hoping for.

“So to confirm, your situation isn’t ‘I love a particular popular voice actress so much I want to marry her,’ it’s ‘I want the person I marry to be a popular voice actress,’ right?”

“I’m not limiting this statement to just popular voice actresses: I don’t think there’s a woman anywhere in this world who’d be willing to marry you to satisfy your vanity. Don’t speak so stupidly about something as important as your love.”

Granted, it’s natural, and healthy even, to want to be attracted to your romantic partner, and there’s nothing wrong with having an aural component in your personal attractiveness formula. And given her line of work, it’s pretty clear that Tamiyasu doesn’t have a problem with people indulging in fetishization as a form of self-satisfying fantasy. When it comes to forming an actual interpersonal connection with another human being, though, she’s apparently of the mind that simply wanting to marry someone because she’s a popular voice actress, or at the very least having that be a critical, make-or-break item on your checklist of necessary soulmate traits, is putting the cart before the sexy-voiced horse.

That said, Tamiyasu knows better than anyone that falling in love with a voice acting professional is entirely possible, as not only is she married, her husband, Keisuke Nakamura, is a voice actor himself (though with only a handful of credited roles, it’d probably be a stretch to call him a “popular” voice actor). Still, judging by her reaction to the fan’s question, it seems like the couple’s shared profession was just one aspect of the total package that made them fall in love, not a prerequisite.

Source: Peing via Twitter/@tammy_now via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso

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