Our reporter’s bachelor days come to a close as he picks a meaningful day to tie the knot.

As you might recall, back in 2016, we launched the Find Seiji a Girlfriend Project, an open invitation to any interested ladies to go on a date with our perpetually dateless reporter Seiji Nakazawa. After nearly two years, Seiji’s spirits were sagging, and he was just about to ask us to pull the plug on the whole thing when we got one final application from a woman named Mimi.

▼ Seiji, at the start of the project

Seiji and Mimi hit it off, and when our normally timid reporter made the gutsy move of telling her how much he liked her and asking her to be his girlfriend, she said yes. Since then, Seiji has been enjoying the joys of couplehood, such as getting home-made chocolate from his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but things didn’t go nearly as well when he tried to bake some cookies for Mimi as a thank-you gift for White Day and they turned out pretty badly (because Seiji screwed up the baking temperature).

Luckily, Seiji had another chance to do something special a week later, since March 21, the spring equinox, is a national holiday in Japan. Making the day even more special is that March 21 was also Seiji and Mimi’s one-year anniversary as a couple, and unlike last year, when it snowed on that day, this year March 21 was auspiciously sunny and warm.

▼ Seiji’s March 21 snapshot

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すっごく良い天気! 気持ちいい〜

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But while some couples might be inspired to write a love letter or romantic poem to their boyfriend of girlfriend on the occasion of their anniversary, on March 21 Seiji and Mimi put pen to paper for a very different reason: to sign the paperwork to get married!

Yes, at roughly the same time that a naked woman was running around Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, Seiji was putting his bachelor days to an end. Some might call it a quick courtship, but Seiji and Mimi have been living together for several months now, have met each other’s parents, and are ready to level-up their relationship to husband and wife.

While they’re not planning to have a formal ceremony, they have exchanged rings, with an extensive search that ended up taking them all the way to a jeweler in Kyoto before they found just the right pair.

So congratulations, Seiji and Mimi! Even though our original plan was just to find the guy a girlfriend, we’re happy to have been able to help him find a wife, and we wish the two lovebirds all the best.

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