Five different kinds of fortune-telling combined with digital art sounds like a great time!

Interactive digital art exhibits are all the rage these days, and one company that has been doing them really well is Naked Inc. With a 3-D deep sea adventure at Enoshima aquarium and a digital hanami festival already under their belt, they’ve proven that they can make beautiful and entertaining exhibitions in all kinds of venues!

That’s why we were excited to learn that they’ve produced another fascinating event: an exhibit that combines digital art and fortune-telling! Making full use of AI technology, this exhibit will tell you everything you need to know about yourself without the help of an actual fortune teller.

The exhibit, called NAKED URANAI, is open now in the Shibuya Hikarie Hall in Tokyo. Designed with pandemic safety in mind, it has a lot of really cool sections even before you get to the fortune-telling parts.

For example, an exhibit called “Naked Tsukubai” awaits at the entrance of the exhibition. “Tsukubai” refers to the stone basin at the entrance to shrines and temples where visitors wash their hands before entering. Like a shrine, you must also purify yourself before entering the Naked Uranai exhibition, though with hand sanitizer instead of water. However, when you put out your hands to receive the sanitizer, you’ll also get the added bonus of one of the twelve astrological signs sparkling on your palms.

Once you’ve passed through the entrance, you’ll come upon the KALEIDO JELLYFISH by Ryotaro Muramatsu. Designed by the founder of NAKED himself, the jellyfish art and undulating blue lights will soothe your busy mind, relax your heart, and cleanse you of any negative energy before you move on to get your fortune told.

Afterward, you’ll find yourself in the CLEAN JUNGLE, which is another purifying step to prepare you for fortune-telling. Here you can bathe in aromatic eucalyptus and tea tree scents, which are believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Once you’ve cleansed your body and mind, you can head on into the “Uranai”, or fortune-telling, area. There are five different sections: horoscope, tarot, “Dreamin’ Lucy”, numerology therapy, and “NAKED Hanamikuji”. Of course, each one is an interactive art experience conducted by an AI, so they’ll be a little different from a usual visit to a psychic.

In the horoscope room, for example, you’ll become immersed in a 360-degree world of the 12 astrological signs. If you stand in the center where the sun is, the signs will appear all around you, and you’ll feel the magic of western astrology in the air.

The tarot room will read your subconscious and conscious thoughts for you as you bask in the relaxing scents of aromatherapy. What will the AI tell you about your past, present, or future?

There’s also a dream examination corner, where Ryotaro Muramatsu’s AI art form “Lucy” will connect directly with your brain to tell your future. Apparently, Lucy will bring to light the deepest parts of your psychology. I wonder what she’ll find in your mind?

The numerology therapy corner will take your birthday and other personal numbers and projection map them for you. Supposedly the flower essence and color derived from your personal numbers can daw out your latent capabilities. It would be interesting to see how the results are different among a group of friends, don’t you think?

Finally, the Naked Hanamikuji replicates “omikuji” fortunes at shrines and temples. You’ll pick a flower at random, and the fortune attached to it will be your fortune. Will you get Daikichi–excellent luck–or Daikyo–certain disaster? Only one way to find out!

All of the results of your fortune-telling can be received by and saved on your smartphone as well, so you can keep the advice of your AI fortune teller at hand at all times if you like.

Tickets for the exhibition start at 1,800 yen (US$16.40) for adults, but there are other add-on options, like meeting with a real-life, famous fortune-teller, so check out the website to see which kind of experience you want. The Naked Uranai immersive art exhibit will be on at Shibuya’s Hikarie Hall until August 27, so head over to Tokyo’s favorite entertainment area before the end of the month to check it out.

 Source, images: PR Times
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