Dam management finds laughably clever way to deter nighttime thrill-seekers in Japan【Video】

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, including this team of workers who used their own local brand of heroism to prank visitors at night. 

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We turn into paranormal investigators, check out the “world’s scariest” haunted spot in the U.K.

Using a Japanese ghost-hunting device, we find out if Chillingham Castle is as haunted as they say.

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Is this old clinic in Hiroshima haunted? Ask the ghosts inside who are playing with balloons

Balloons don’t just move on their own, right?

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Single “haunted taxi” cruising the streets of Osaka until the end of August

It’s like a haunted house on wheels, except you can’t choose when to ride the ESP Taxi. It chooses you.

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Have a ghost problem in your house? Just use an air purifier, says Japanese Twitter user

Apparently it’s easy to exorcise the spirits in your home, with the right technology. 

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Mysterious ghostly baby footprint randomly appears in shopping malls, creeps out netizens

Beware the phantom baby that haunts shopping centers in the Philippines.

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Creepy ghost train caught on security footage in Chinese train station gives us all chills【Video】

The only thing that could be more freaky is seeing ghost people getting on and off of it.

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A late-night visit to Japan’s execution site Cursed Pine Tree【Hunted Tokyo】

The tree is said to curse those who draw near, but thankfully divine protection is available nearby.

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We investigate Sendagaya Tunnel and get a message from beyond【Haunted Tokyo】

Do you believe in ghosts, Rocketeers? A bloodstained woman with long hair is said to haunt this Tokyo tunnel.

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We investigate Tokyo’s “haunted” phone booth in Mizumoto Park【Haunted Tokyo】

For decades, locals have said a woman’s ghost appears in the park at night, and our visit ended with frightening female fury.

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We investigate Tokyo’s most haunted spot, Kohoku Bridge【Haunted Tokyo】

At the risk of sounding clickbaity, you really won’t believe what we found.

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In three months, 50 patients have died on one floor of a “haunted” hospital

Successive deaths have lead some to wonder if the fourth floor is cursed.

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Haunted, abandoned hotel complex on Okinawa is a lesson against messing with Japan’s spirits

A luxury leisure resort on the lush hillside of Okinawa. Panoramic ocean views. A waterpark, a petting zoo, a night club. Now crumbling into ruins, swallowed up by nature reclaiming the land developers tried to take. Perhaps the owners should have known better than to build on the site of ancient tombs. The local priests warned them. But they didn’t listen.

This is the tale of Okinawa’s Nakagusuku Kogen Hotel, one of the most haunted abandoned sites in Japan.

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Age-identifying app tells you how old you look, also how many ghosts are in your vicinity

How-Old.net, the age-guessing website from Microsoft, has been gaining huge amounts of attention online recently, with some people pleased by the app’s flattery, and others incensed by the suggestion that they might look a little more crumbly than they really are.

But the app also has a much creepier, darker side to it – it can (apparently) detect the faces of ghosts, and tell us what age they were when they passed on…

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Fear and haunted houses in Japan: An interview with ScareHouse sociologist Margee Kerr

It’s almost summer and that means a lot of stuff in Japan—Golden Week, brain melting humidity, Obon, and of course, horror movies and haunted houses. While many people in the west binge on horror flicks and spooky attractions as Halloween nears, Japanese people tend to get their fright on during the summer months.

We recently caught up with Margee Kerr, a sociologist who studies fear and helps the world famous ScareHouse terrify their patrons—in a good way of course! Margee was in Japan studying how fear works across different cultures and we were excited to learn about the similarities and differences in the reactions between Japan and America to horror. Check out our interview with a true master of fear at one of Tokyo’s scariest bars: Yurei Izakaya in Kichijoji!

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Creepiest mall ever? Visiting Shiga Prefecture’s (almost) empty Pieri Moriyama

While you may not think of malls when Japan comes up, there certainly are a lot of them. Odaiba in Tokyo is probably the most famous place in the country for shopping malls, though nearly every prefecture has at least one.

Shiga Prefecture is no exception and Biwako Cruising Mall, Pieri Moriyama, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Biwa is a mammoth mall with a grand opening in 2008 that saw 30,000 visitors on the first day. Packed with 200 shops and a ten-screen cineplex, it was a veritable shrine to consumerism for a couple of years.

However, Pieri Moriyama is now known for a different reason…

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The top 10 haunted spots in Japan as chosen by a professional ghost chaser

Ginti Kobayashi is a writer who in recent years can be seen in the series, Kaidan Shinmimibukuro Nagurikomi! In these DVDs, we follow Kobayashi and his colleagues as they explore Japan’s most notoriously haunted places.

In the spirit of summer, when Japan likes to cool down by sharing chilling stories, Kobayashi sat down with Spa magazine and laid out his choices for the top 10 most frightening haunted places he has ever experienced.

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