No malarkey!

After a turbulent election week and deformed chibi heads presented by Japanese news coverage, the U.S. election race has been called for presidential-hopeful Joe Biden. And while formal transition has yet to happen for the aviator sunglasses-toting candidate, Mr. Sato figured the best way to pay homage to Joe Biden’s victory was to relish again in his Sato Biden persona and enjoy the new president’s favorite snack: ice cream!

Japan is home to a multitude of soft serve flavors, and so when it came to choosing the perfect ice cream pit stop, Sato Biden was overwhelmed with the variety of options. To make a choice, he made himself go through a simple mental exercise: if Joe Biden were to visit Japan, what would be an ice cream shop the future president must try? The answer is…

Chico Shop!

Located in Nakano Broadway, Chico Shop is a soft-serve favorite among locals and diehard ice cream lovers, and while it’s known for providing a wide variety of options, the ice cream booth is most well-known for its eight-flavor ice cream cone.

▼ If one must die by ice cream, let this be it.

Currently available for 700 yen (US$6.65), this gigantic ice cream cone’s offerings change every season. For this autumn, Sato Biden’s cone contained the following flavors: strawberry, cafe au lait, vanilla, chocolate, almond, grape, ramune, and matcha.

Though Sato Biden had tried the eight-flavor ice cream cone before, a long stare at the mere size of the icy dessert made him balk again. Was it really this big before? How much of this could he fit into his mouth before he’d cause a mess of disastrous proportions? Surely if the real Biden were to see this, he’d be overjoyed, no, elated!

▼ Unfortunately, Sato Biden may look like Joe Biden, but he has yet to fully embody the soon-to-be president’s character.

▼ Compared to the summer he tackled the eight-flavor ice cream cone, Sato Biden found it easier to cleanly demolish the ice cream tower in the fall.

While Sato Biden wondered when Joe Biden would visit Japan, at least we know the American president won’t be missing out on his favorite treat in the land of soft serve supreme, especially with flavors like stinky fish and fried oyster.

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