“Whenever I watch anime, I lose the ability to speak too. It’s quite powerful.”

For decades now, one question has baffled scientists: where do otaku come from? What exactly is the origin of these creatures who participate in elaborate dances and pay exorbitant sums to marry their 2-D waifus?

Up until now, such answers have eluded us. But thanks to the Internet, we may finally have our first glimpse at the beginning of the otaku lifecycle.

This clip was posted by Japanese twitter user @moja017 in order to further our otaku research:

“A one-year-old getting pumped for K-On!

Incredible! Observe the tiny otaku’s movements, the facial expressions, the emotions — they are all nearly identical to those of the adult otaku as well. Truly a remarkable, and adorable, discovery.

Could we be seeing the creation of an otaku here? The process by which an average, boring human metamorphosizes into a beautiful anime-lover?

Perhaps more date is required:

“The otaku is excited for the ending theme too.”

I think that settles it folks! And it looks like there are plenty of Japanese netizens who agree:

“I totally understand, I get the same happy feeling too.”
“The cutest lil otaku! I hope he grows up strong and healthy.”
“I don’t know if otaku have the brain power of one-year-olds, of if this one-year-old has the brain power of an otaku, but he’s acting just like one.”

“Definitely the former.”
“Whenever I watch anime, I lose the ability to speak too. It’s quite powerful.”
“Showing K-On! to a one-year-old… what an incredible educator you are!”
“So us otaku are basically the same as him, minus the cuteness and bright future.

Hey there, otaku friend! There’s no need to be so sour. Now that we know that otaku babies are real, there is only one explanation for where they come from: the happy union of two otaku in an anime-merchandise-filled house.

Source: Twitter/@moja071 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@moja071
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