There’s a method to their madness, though, with different themes for different rooms, and one anime-safe space remaining.

Like a lot of fans of Japanese animation, during my student my interior decorating style could be best described as “whatever anime merch I could stick to my walls/on my shelves.” As time went by, though, I purchased less and less displayable anime stuff, partly because they stopped making merch for Kimagure Orange Road and Slayers, but mainly because I got married, and now share my home with someone who isn’t a hard-core anime fan.

But what happens when two genuine otaku marry each other? Then things might turn out like they have for Japanese Twitter user @pechi_fc.

“This is the result of two otaku getting married and living in a house,” tweets @pechi_fc, whose living space is now almost entirely ringed in shrines to his and his wife’s favorite characters. Of course, it would be crazy to just out up posters and the like willy-nilly, so the couple has a pretty well sorted-out system to determine what goes where.

The greatest amount of space looks to be devoted to Misaki Tobisawa, from adult visual novel/anime franchise Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, who holds dominion over a bedroom (@pechi_fc doesn’t specify if it’s the one he and his wife sleep in every night), hallway, and bathroom. There’s also an entire room dedicated to the Detective Conan series, although it looks like blondie undercover cop Rei Furuya is the one who’s really in charge there. The entryway, where the couple take off their shoes before entering the house proper, belongs to Symphogear and Nintendo’s Kirby, with the rest of the video game-related characters occupying the Japanese furniture room. Finally, the living room, as well as one other room, are currently overflow, mixed-genre spaces.

Appreciative comments from other Twitterusers have included:

“I can’t tell if your house is super-messy or super-organized LOL.”
“The ideal marriage (´✪ω✪`)♡”
“Your life looks so much fun. I hope I can have one like it someday.”
“This is wonderful. If you have shared hobbies, you always have something to talk about and enjoy together…I’m jealous, and I wish I had a girlfriend like your wife.”
“I think it’s great that the two of you accept each other’s hobbies and tastes…who says ‘love is hard for otaku?’”

For his part, @pechi_fc is also appreciative of how compatible he and his wife are. “Thank you,” he says in regard to the many people expressing admiration for his spouse. “I’m always grateful to my partner for being such a fun person.”

He also adds that “Right now, the only place that’s safe [from anime decorations] is the bathtub,” but if he ever finds out about this decorating tip that lets you bathe with your favorite anime characters, @pechi_fc’s house might go literally full otaku.

Source: Twitter/@pechi_fc via Hachima Kiko
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