Wealthy men show a clear preference between the two/four options.

Japan’s feelings about breasts are pretty clear: it loves them. This is, after all, the country where a “boob slash” cafe served customers, animators are given startlingly detailed notes about how to animate female characters’ jiggling chests, and the language has evolved to provide speakers with a rich variety of specialized terms to talk about different kinds of busts.

But while Japan’s love of breasts is well known, Internet survey site Shirabee posed the question “Which do Japanese men love more, big breasts or curvy hips?” To find out, it polled 817 Japanese men, and when the results were tallied, 64.7 percent said that between the two, they prefer curvy hips.

It might be tempting to chalk this up to recent trends in Japanese pop idol and swimsuit model marketing that’re putting an increasing number of waifish and particularly young-looking performers front and center, but the survey revealed widespread support for curvy hips, with the biggest fans making up the older age brackets.

● Percentage of respondents who prefer curvy hips to big breasts:
Age 19 or younger: 55.6 percent
20-29: 54.5 percent
30-39: 52.5 percent
40-49: 57 percent
50-59: 60.8 percent
60-69: 66.2 percent

▼ “Hello, tech support? How do I open the Google so I can find the big-hipped gals?”

The biggest hip-loving demographic, however, was wealthy men, with those earning over 10 million yen (US$92,000) especially interested in a woman’s hips.

● Percentage of respondents who prefer curvy hips to big breasts:
Annual income under 1 million yen: 56.9 percent
1-3 million yen: 59.9 percent
3-5 million yen: 53.2 percent
5-7 million yen: 54.7 percent
7-10 million yen: 62 percent
Over 10 million yen: 68.6 percent

▼ Wealthy and mature, this gentleman is doubly likely to be a hip man.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the average body frame in Japan is relatively slender and compact compared to many other parts of the world, so what qualifies as “curvy” in the survey respondents’ minds might not perfectly match the standards in other countries. Still, the results show that while Japanese men spend a lot of time thinking about breasts, they’re not the only part of the female body they find enchanting.

Source: Shirabee via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
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