Three brackets make up the majority of financial expectations, but some women require a lot more.

When a couple gets married, they intertwine not only their hearts, but their finances too. Since the concept that a man should still be able to act as sole breadwinner for the household hasn’t completely faded away in Japan, many Japanese women have earning expectations for their future husbands, and a recent survey asked just how high they are.

Japanese women’s interest Internet portal OK Girl recently announced the “results” of an online poll asking women “What’s the minimum amount you want your spouse to earn annually?” While the poll is still open for voting, the responses so far, from 840 participants, show some clear preferences.

The largest group, 30.3 percent of women, said that they’d need their husband to be at least in the 4-4.99 million-yen (US$37,499-US$46,780) earning bracket. They were followed by the 24.3 percent with slightly higher economic standards who want their husband to be making 5-5.99 million yen (US$46,974-US$56,155). Rounding out the top three was 3-3.99 million yen (US$28,124-US$37,405), voted for by 15.4 percent of respondents.

Altogether, that makes for 70 percent of women hoping for their spouse to be getting paid somewhere in the 3-5.99 million range. While that wouldn’t allow for a lavish lifestyle, it’s enough for a middle-class home and hobbies, and with proper budgeting, you could even start a family with that kind of income.

As for the remaining survey participants, their expectations were:
● 6-6.99 million yen: 9.6 percent of respondents
● 7-7.99 million yen: 7 percent
● Over 10 million yen: 5.8 percent
● 8-8.99 million yen: 3.5 percent
● 2-2.99 million yen: 2 percent
● 0-1.99 million yen 1.4 percent
● 9-9.99 million yen: 0.7 percent

It’s interesting to see that while both are well above the median income in Japan, “over 10 million yen” was a far more popular aspiration than the 9-9.99 million bracket, perhaps of the allure of the extra digit 10,000,000 boasts. That said, the top-voted comment among respondents on the poll’s website is “If I’m in love with them, just as long as my spouse has some sort of income, that’s fine. As long as they can earn enough to pay the rent, I’ll earn whatever else we need,” showing that not everyone’s eyes have to turn to dollar signs/yen marks before they turn into hearts.

Source: OK Girl, PR Times via IT Media
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