Watch your step when entering one of the most haunted places in Japan.

Whether it be eerie decrepit ruins or spooky forests where few dare to tread, Japan is home to a number of haunted spots that will test even the bravest of hearts.

Old Sashiki Tunnel is one such place. Located in Kumamoto Prefecture and wide enough to only allow a car of moderate size to pass through, the tunnel runs a total of 434 meters (1,424 feet) in total darkness, its extreme creepy factor giving birth to frightening tales where vengeful spirits roam at night and people mysteriously vanishing into its depths.

▼ It’s so deep that you can’t even see the exit.

Yet despite terrifying stories surrounding the century-old tunnel, three adventurous Japanese youths tested the limits of their courage by entering it at 1 a.m. While two of them walked in front, the third followed behind in a car recording a video of their escapade.

They did not venture far before one of the youths ahead felt something unseen abruptly yank his ankle sideways. Feeling something was amiss and suddenly gripped by panic, the trio quickly retreated from the place and uploaded the video onto Twitter much later. Although the original tweet has already been deleted at the time of this writing, one netizen managed to record the video posted onto Twitter.

▼ An elaborate prank, or something much more sinister?

While many were spooked by their story, a few remained skeptical and suspected it a spur-of-the-moment mischievous prank by the youth sticking out his leg. Nonetheless, the eeriness of the tunnel was again reaffirmed by a netizen who uploaded a photo showing what happened a few years ago in the same place.

▼ Wait… what’s that behind them? (translation below)

“That is a really scary place. This is a photo I took at the entrance of Old Sashiki Tunnel three years ago. Nothing needs to be said here. No photoshop involved.”

The stories about the seemingly endless passage scared Japanese netizens out of their wits:

“You must go see an exorcist.”
“The ghost was actually trying to stop you from going deeper. You should thank it.”
“I went there once but didn’t encounter anything, but something really weird happened on my way home and the day after, so I went to a shrine to get purified.”
“That is really creepy.”

Something as deep, dark and possibly cursed as Old Sashiki Tunnel ought to be left alone by the faint of heart, or at least explored in broad daylight with a huge flashlight. But if you really wish to try and see if something paranormal happens, it might be wise to bring a few brave friends and possibly an air purifier to chase those apparitions away.

Sources: Twitter/@kousei404, Twitter/@ZAKURO07090411 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@shimokawapaisen

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