Is the fierce Guardian enjoying a break in Tokyo

Yup, you might be wondering what Gamora, one of the principal characters in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is doing in Tokyo. Actually, it’s Japanese pop singer Yuki Koyanagi in cosplay, images of which she’s shared on both Instagram and YouTube.

And we think she’s done a pretty awesome job of turning herself into the green-skinned and purple-red haired Guradian, wouldn’t you agree?

Photos posted on Koyanagi’s Instagram account with the hashtag #ガモーラ観光シリーズ (Gamora sightseeing series) shows the famous singer visiting well-know tourist spots in Tokyo including the Tokyo Tower, the Asakusa area and Shibuya area, all in delightful Gamora cosplay.

Although the masterfully executed Gamora make-up and costume undeniably give her an alien look, we think she actually kind of blends in quite well with the Tokyo landscape.

▼ Here’s a shot taken in the Odaiba neighborhood.

▼ A picture with Tokyo Tower in the background is naturally a must while sightseeing in Tokyo.

▼ The iconic Kaminari (Thunder) Gate in front of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is another popular tourist destination in Tokyo.

▼ And here’s Gamora at the entrance of the Kabukicho pleasure district in Shinjuku, famous for its bright neon lights.

▼ There’s also a super cool video of Koyanagi’s Gamora cosplay titled “Tokyo Sightseeing” :

Unsurprisingly, fans have reacted to the Instagram photos with comments such as “Soooo Gamora!”, “Always thought she looked like Gamora” and ” Maybe the other Guardians will come to Japan to look for her!”

▼ Here’s Koyanagi in non-Gamora form, singing her song “be alive.”

Okay, we know it’s a long shot, but yes, it sure would be great if the Guardians came to Japan looking for her.  While we’re not quite sure why Koyanagi decided to cosplay as Gamora, we certainly enjoyed the images and would love to see more cosplay shots and videos from her!

Source: Instagram/yuki_koyanagi, YouTube/VaiJee Records 
Top image: YouTube/VaiJee Records
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