Pair of pets enjoy snacks out of the latest quirky gacha toys.

A regular dilemma of life in Japan is the never-ending debate between the Capsule Toy Angel and Capsule Toy Devil that live on every person’s shoulders. “Ooohh, these real dried bonsai trees and naughty anime tentacles are so cool! Buy them both!” whispers Capsule Toy Devil. Meanwhile, Capsule Toy Angel sagely reminds you “There’s nothing practical about such trinkets, and they’re in no way the sort of sensible shopping decisions you should be making.”

However, every now and then, devilish impulse and divine virtue find common ground, and that’s the case with the new series of miniature rice cooker replica capsule toys. Not only do they look just like the real thing, right down to having a lid that opens, they’re actually functional, since they’re designed to be used as coin purses.

But Japanese Twitter user @azukimilksan knows that the best thing to put in a rice cooker is, obviously, rice. So after picking up one of the capsule toys, she filled it with rice and…

turned it into a bird feeder for her pet sparrow, who’s named Milk!

Contrary to oft-passed-around popular wisdom, some birds can indeed eat rice with no digestive problems. Some varieties will even eat unharvested rice out of fields (which is part of the reason why sparrow is eaten in some sections of Kyoto), and Milk’s specific species, the Java sparrow, is also sometimes called the “Java rice bird.”

The video of Milk cheerfully eating uncooked rice from the rice cooker brought smiles to the Twitter users who have watched it nearly 1.8 million times, with some leaving comments like:

“Those capsule toy rice cookers are cute AND useful.”
Iyasareru, Mr. Bird.”
“I bet Milk has been watching you eat rice from your for-humans rice cooker for years, and today he finally got to live his dream of copying you.”
“When I first saw this, I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a tiny rice cooker, or a gigantic bird.”

As you might have guessed from @azukimilksan screen name, Milk is one of two Java sparrows she owns, and the other is named Azuki. Once Milk had had his fill of rice, @azukimilksan refilled the capsule toy with standard birdseed and let Azuki have a turn.

We’re happy to see @azukimilksan’s feathered friends full and happy, but now we can’t help wondering if they’d be even more comfortable with some miniature capsule toy air conditioners.

Source: Twitter/@azukimilksan via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@azukimilksan
Top image ©SoraNews24
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