Scale-size recreations of Japan’s ever-present drink machines dispense their own tiny model cans.

Japan has a well-deserved reputation as the world’s most enthusiastic country when it comes to vending machines. In downtown Tokyo, it seems like you can find a machine selling drinks on just about every block, and you won’t have to walk much farther to find a gachapon or other brand of capsule toy vending machine either.

So perhaps it was inevitable that novelty good maker J Dream was going to combine the two. The company’s newest capsule toy offering is called the Miniature Vending Machine Collection, with four different tiny vending machine models included in the lineup.

Pictured from left to right above are the Cola A, Cola B, Energy Drink, and Coffee machines, each of which stand roughly five centimeters (two inches) tall. Of course, a vending machine that doesn’t dispense anything would be pointless, and so each of the machines also comes with a replica can of its respective drink, which drops into the tray at the bottom of the unit when you press the large black button.

The line consists of five capsule toys, though, and the fifth isn’t a scale vending machine, but instead a case filled with 20 scale cola cans, so that you can keep your tiny vending machine stocked with more than just one drink.

The Miniature Vending Machine Collection is priced at 300 yen (US$2.80), and as with all capsule toys, which one you get is random. If you want to take luck out of the equation, though, you can also purchase complete sets (i.e. a bundle of one of each of the five) through online marketplaces like Mercari (here) and Amazon Japan (here), with prices around 1,800 yen. That’s a bit more than the 1,500 yen you’d pay if your luck was perfect, but still not such a premium that you won’t have any money left over for other capsule toy goodies like a mini, semi-functional air conditioner, naughty anime tentacles, or even capsule toy machine capsule toys.

Source: Entabe
Top image: Mercari/デイジー♪
Insert images: Mercari/デイジー♪, Amazon/ J.ドリーム
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