rice cookers

New Japanese rice cooker cuts carbohydrates at the push of a button

Now you can lose weight just by eating rice. 

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Rice cooker recipe: How to make a giant cheesy okonomiyaki pancake in a rice cooker

Epic Japanese comfort food is easy to make with just the push of a button! 

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Japan has an awesome one-person bento box rice cooker, and here’s what we made with ours

Essentially a portable rice cooker, this amazing gadget revolutionizes lunch in the office.

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We test the new two-in-one curry rice cooker from Japan that’s got everyone talking【Video】

Can this magical Twin Chef cooking machine deliver on taste as well as convenience? 

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Japan’s one-person bento box-sized rice cooker can give you freshly cooked rice at the office

High-speed cooking gadget is also great for those living the single life.

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Japan goes beyond rice cookers with new curry rice cooker, the kitchen gadget we need right now

Curry and rice is always nice, so why not a single machine that lets you cook them both?

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An adorably awesome use for Japan’s mini rice cooker capsule toys: Pet bird feeders!【Video】

Pair of pets enjoy snacks out of the latest quirky gacha toys.

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Mini rice cooker cases: The newest Japanese capsule toys we never knew we needed until just now

Realistic cases are great for storing coins, creating scenes of home life for scale anime figures.

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Carry your change in a rice cooker coin case from Japan!

Who needs a boring coin purse when you can surprise shoppers at the cash register by popping the lid on your miniature rice cooker?

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Are Japanese rice cookers really better than Chinese ones? We test it out and get some surprises

Whether rightfully or not, Chinese products are much maligned for their supposed lack of quality. Even the Chinese people themselves are often critical of their own country’s products, criticizing everything from Chinese news to rice cookers.

But are they really that bad? Our Japanese reporter Meg recently went on a trip to China and brought back a Chinese rice cooker to test it out. She had a couple of surprises along the way, involving everything from getting the rice cooker to even work, to the taste of the final product, so read on to see how it all turned out!

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Photo of “Iron Man” rice cooker look-alike spreads like wildfire on Twitter

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Japan is seeing red. Red and gold for Iron Man, that is. Following the footsteps of this amazing Iron Man Samurai rendition, this giant Hulkbuster figure release, and this awesome protective armor case for your iPhone 5, some electronic brands are even consciously or unconsciously taking design cues from Stark Enterprises.

At least, that would appear to be the case if you believe the claims of one Twitter user, who says his newly purchased rice cooker shares an uncanny similarity to the Marvel superhero. But could he just be imaging the resemblance?

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Train-inspired rice cookers for all the railroad lovers out there

Last spring, pictures of a series of Japanese train-themed rice cookers surfaced online. Die-hard train fanatics were quick to rejoice, and eagerly awaited the products’ release date. After all, what better way to show a love of your hobby than in the form of a practical, everyday object that feeds you?

There was just one little problem–these awesome appliances are actually only fan-made inventions.

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